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First Blog! Accutane Week 3 40Mg



Hi, I'm a 16 years old and I've had acne since I was 11

Ok I don't know how this blog stuff works but let's hope I'm doing it right!

For years I've had acne only on my forehead but last fall, it spreaded to my cheeks and chin. To prevent it to get severe I went to get facials every week around the beggining of 2012, but I couldn't take the pain and I quit. Now I'm left with hyper pigmentation on my whole face. :(

I went to the dermatologist in February and the minute he saw my face, he said "Accutane". I freaked out when he told me the side effects, I refused it and convinced him to give me something else. He gave me Differin but told me it would never be as effective as Accutane. Whatever, I used it for 2 months and my acne had become SEVERE, I started to get bumps that would hurt a lot, cysts and embarassing whiteheads all over my face. I couldn't take it anymore and the next day I went to the dermatologist to get my Accutane prescription. When he saw me he was shocked, Differin had fucked up my face! He told me my skin would be flawless at the end, why didn't I take Accutane earlier!!!

I'm now on my 3rd week, 40 mg. my face is breaking out just like when I was on Differin, I'm used to it. But waking up each day looking at the mirror hoping someone won't ask you "Wtf's on your face?!", "Use Proactiv" or just stare at your pimples while you talk to them is really tiring... :( I know Accutane will clear up my face, patience is the key. :)

Ok, now the progress... My face is just like when I was on Differin but much dryer. I've noticed that the blackheads on my nose became more visible and if I squeeze them correctly and in a clean way, some of them go away!!! I always have whiteheads on the same place non stop every day, sort of like under my eyes, next to my nose, so annoying...

As side effects I only have dry lips which don't crack like other people say, dry skin, dry hair and the inside of my nose is really dry which bothers me sometimes... Thank god for no nosebleeds!! I've still got a lot in front of me! :)


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