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Week 21? 22?



heck if i know im not good at this whole blogging thing but yeah i posted the pics i said i was going to check them out in my gallery if you want there pretty brutal but w.e lol now i just wanna know what are people doing about scaring and hyper-pigmentation? because holla at me with some stuff thats gonna work please and thank you also any good sumblocks for your face out there?

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You have to wait 6months post-tane but a couple years ago I had amazing skin post-acne and I achieved that through a medical spa...I did laser genesis and acid peels for uneven skin tone (pih) and fraxel for scarring...helped get rid of 80-90% of what my bad cystic acne had left behind....now that my problem is back I'm on accutane (first time ever) and will do the medi-spa again when Im done.:.total cost around $2500 over a 1year period...also try hydroquinone for the skin tone (it kinda bleaches your skin I guess...) your derm may be able to prescribe it or u can get from the med spa...good luck!

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