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Day 14



2 weeks of this blog! haha the longer i post, the closer i am to seeing results...right? i'm not sure about my skin today. i was reading on someone else's blog that this website makes you overanalyze your skin like crazyyy, and it's definitely true. over the weekend i got a few more clogged pores on my forehead and around my mouth. i've been using witch hazel the past couple days in the morning since it's supposed to balance your skin a little bit, and i think the olay pro-x brush is a little drying so i want to cut back on using that to every other day. i also have a couple small pimples on the right side of my jaw. the ones that popped up on the left side of my jaw last week are healing, but i was trying to spot treat them and put that queen helene mask on them and left it on all night at the end of last week. i think it dried out the skin wayyyy too much, because even though the spots are going down the skin around them is all red and dry and flaky. ewww. if they were to go away i think my skin would actually look much better. those jaw pimples are probably because i have my period...awesome. i really really want retin-a to work...i'm supposed to see my derm next week so i'm just hoping my skin isn't in this weird "well it could be an initial breakout or it could just not be working" stage so he can actually give me some feedback. the clogged pores on my forehead make me crazy, sometimes they look better, sometimes they look like they're coming out, then the next day they're back to exactly what they normally look like. ughhhhh it's just so tricky to know what's working and what's not. also, the thing that makes me so nervous about retinoids is that you skin starts out looking one way, gets worse, and then you get excited when you see any improvement at all, even if your skin doesn't look as good after 12 weeks as when it started! so frustratinggg


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