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Two Weeks On Birth Control



Ok, So yesterday i added a new entry for the first time in three years to my accutane blog... i decided to start a new one, seeing as this will now be a new eventful journey on birth control to try and get rid of this horrible case of cystic acne ive accumulated in only two months. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with horrible pains all over my face from the acne, and it kept me awake the rest of the morning from all the physical and emotional pain that it has inflicted upon me.

Alittle background on my acne;

I started breaking out when i was 13..and for years and years i went on every single medication (oral and topical) known to man kind. I tried absolutely everything possible to try and get rid of my pimples. but as time went on my acne grew worse and worse, and at 17 i was miserable with pimples galore, and finally went on accutane. now, even my case on accutane was not normal. it took 5 months for me to begin to see reults, and even after 6 months on the awful drug.. i was pretty clear, but never compltetly clear. but i was happy with the results becuase anyone with acne knows that one two or three pimples is a blessing compared to a face-full of them. so for about a year after accutane i was nice and clear, until the summer a year and a half later i started breaking out on my cheeks again. so i immideatly decided to go on birth control and regulate my hormones to try and regulate my pimples. this worked wonders! i was clearer on birth control then i had ever been even on accutane! i loved it. for a good year and a half i had great skin with no problems (great skin again- means one or two or three pimplles, which of course i was so happy with). so, after awhile of being on birth control and my skin seemingly normal, i decided to stop taking the pills about four months ago (i am now 20 and so for personal reasons i wanted to stop taking medicine in my body) and was totally fine for a couple of months. all of a sudden, about two months ago i started breaking out with big cysts on my right cheek. i thought it would maybe go away, so i started using all these name brand face scrubs like clean and clear and neutragina, boy was that a mistake! i started braeking out on my other cheek even worse, and eventually two weeks later i was full blown acne faced once again. i became miserable about it and decided to go back on birth control.

and that is where i am at right now. miserable about my cystic acne, and two weeks into birth control..hoping and praying that since it worked once before it will work again.

So this will be my new eventful journey with birthcontrol..and i hope that in a matter of months i will be blogging about how much happeir i am again with my skin. but for now... it hurts


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