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My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 17,18,19



Description -

I combined another three weeks together because everything is going great! I recently calculated how many mg I will have taken by the end of my five months(http://www.acne.org/...ccutane-dosage/). Which I think is about 115mg/kg but the recommended dosage is 125mg/kg; so I plan to ask my dermatologist to give me one more month. However, I must stress that the dosage amount is different according to the severity of acne (some people get almost 200 mg/kg)

Side Effects -

- VERY dry eyes, wearing glasses most of the time to school

- I am literally applying chap-stick every 5 minutes

- Very dirty ear lobes, probably because there is no oil to trap the dirt out? Not sure

- Dry nostrils, dried boogers that will not come out

- If I apply Vaseline into my nostrils, it starts smelling terrible after awhile

Advice -

- Every morning make sure all the Vaseline is wiped from inside your nostrils

Skin This Week -

- Little bit more oily

- Like 1 pimple

- I got a painful pimple in my ear somehow

Sports -

This upcoming week is my Track league finals. I have PR'd (person record) recently biggrin.png However, some things I've noticed is that my dry eyes get very teary when I run because of the wind. I am positive that I accutane is part of the reason I am always so fatigued. Yesterday I got a very long and wide cut on my arm from a nail scratch while playing basketball. This was a result from the fragile skin everyone has while on accutane. Therefore, I believe that every sport will have difficulties with accutane with swimming - painful dryness, contact sports - cuts, and running - possible joint pains and fatigue.


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