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Background On My Acne Journey So Far...




This is my first post as a blogger. wow biggrin.png

So this is just a little background on me.

I am 15 years old an have grade 3 going on grade 4 acne according to my dermatologist. I live in South Africa. My acne started about 3 years ago and have just got worse. So far I've been on anti-biotics and Dianne-35 (the pill). None of the above had any affect on me. On Monday I went to the derm and he told me that the only treatment that would possibly work for me is Oratane (it's the generic version of Roaccutane). I went for my blood tests yesterday (Saturday).The results will get to the doctor on Wednesday (because it's a long weekend here!). So hopefully he'll give the thumbs up and then I can start on Friday.

I've been reading up on this a lot so I'm a bit anxious about all the side effects :/

I'll post again when I hear from the doctor.

xx N


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