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Day 32 On Accutane




Well day 32 and had just been back to my GP for bloods and what I thought was going up to 30 or 40mg. My blood work was fine but I have developed eczema on my body and had 1 really bad weepy patch on my cheek (very very gross) so the doctor prescribed me some more cream to try and get it under control and she has left me on 20mg. It upset me a wee bit that I wasn't going up but she knows best I guess!

As far as the rest of my skin goes I have one active pimple that is under my eyebrow and the rest are just red marks from old pimples. I have a lot of red marks though and I haven't noticed till now how much scarring I really have.

I think my complexion looks very dull, just pale with patches of red. Make up doesn't seem to help. I don't really know what to do about it, feel a bit down but I know it will all just take time.

Really need to remove fine hair from my face but scared to use anything. Has anyone tried hair removal cream for sensitive skin?

Would love to hear about how other people are doing who are around the same stage as I am :-)

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I have alot of Post Inflammitory too...Im only on day 6 of accutane but I notice my PIH getting redder? My dr said it takes time to heal (maybe 2-3 months) and be thankful if its just blotchy and red becuase it will go away....the scars are those deep crater things...I have a couple of those I plan to get lasered after treatment...Anyhow I just wanted to give you an idea and maybe some hope for your skin after accutane..6 months after treatment you can begin having peels/laser on your face again and there are 2 treatments I did in the past that got rid of 90% of my PIH and scarring (only prob is my acne came back 2 yrs later but that was from the depo shot) anywaays...Laser Genesis and Fraxel...the series treatments will cost you around $2k (maybe more maybe less) but I swear to you its worth it! Good luck!

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