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Detox, Dairy And Fickleness



So its been a couple of weeks since i wrote last (Actually posted inbetween but got erased by the hacker incident)

I've pretty much been going through a re-intial breakout with AHA. Had quite a few little pimples on my acne-prone forehead which came and went in a couple of days (still left little scars though...) I also got a few on my jaw/underjaw/borderline neck. I never use to get acne here, well rarely, but since i tried lemon juice, drinking 1 whole lemon a day, my jaw has been breaking out like crazy, maybe i was detoxing but after one straight month and it getting worse i had to stop.

I've been a touch fickle, i was suppose to not add anything to my regimen and just let my skin calm down from the damage i've done to it this year but i've tried a couple of things because i feel like i need a spot treatment. I tried some old Sudocrem i had lying around from before i went on the regimen last year. Used it for a couple of days as a kind of spot/area treatment to see if it would do anything, but i didn't notice anything positive and stopped. Then a couple of days ago I found some old pure tea tree oil and thought it'd be a good idea to use as a spot treatment/mix with my aloe gel. I havnt used TTO since i gave myself contact dermatitis with a 20%(i guessed) toner i made from the TTO. Think using TTO might have backfired, where i've applied it the last couples day my skin has been pretty angry, redder than the surrounding skin and the texture is different. Also applied it to an old scar and now i have a small under the skin pimple forming.

Another note: I cut dairy about 6 weeks ago, and lets just say its been underwhelming. My skin hasnt really improved at all and my jaw actually got worse but thats due to the lemon juice. Really close to reintroducing dairy again, not like i ate that much anyway more for my cereal, but i might hold out for a couple more weeks.


Try cutting salt...any foods that contain high amounts of iodide actually...My esth. highly recommends it if you are going to alter your diet (i personally cant do it...not enough will power yet). One of the biggest culprits is seaweed...so if you eat alot of sushi better stick to sashimi, seaweed has incredible amounts of iodide in it...Just a tip if the dairy thing isnt working....good luck!

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Thanks for the tip!

I dont think i consume a huge amount of salt, only use a touch whilst cooking. But i'll take more notice and try to cut as much as i can. Just googled which foods contain iodide and turns out eggs have quite a bit, I generally only consume eggs at breakfast, more recently to replace oats cause of my dairy cutting, so my breakfast options are are slowly dwindling. I've actually been getting sashimi more anyway over sushi rolls just so i could eat it with brown rice made myself instead of the white rice everywhere seems to use so cutting seaweed shouldnt be a problem. I'll probably not have dairy for atleast the next two weeks and combine it with salt/iodide cutting and see what happens though i still do want to reintroduce dairy.

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