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Day 4 Treatment...started Probiotics



So not much to report today...I woke up in a great mood this morning...not groggy like yesterday so that is a plus....I started taking probiotics today (pharm. said was ok) to support a healthy colon...Im really paranoid about IB and colitis since it runs in my family...so I figure it wont hurt to take the supplements...plus they were recommended by my esthetician for acne anyway...the brand is Source Naturals - Life Flora, in case anyone is interested...

So now I am on 60 mg of Claravis, 30mg Zinc (Source Naturals - OptiZinc), Life Flora probiotic supp. (1pill 3x/day for a week then 1pill/day) and of course my Oral Contraceptives (Sprintec)....wooohooo Im a pill poppin fool....

The eye twitch went away and came back for a second and is gone again...and I have a minor lingering headache...then again I am a bank manager so at the end of the day a headache is expected...not too worry...I have been layering the Aquaphor and/or Nivea Kiss of Moisture on my lips all day...I use the Aquaphor at home and the Nivea on the go so no lip cracking or irritation yet...and today my skin seemed oilier than usual...but no new zits to report...I have one active cyst on my left cheekbone and a few healing on the right...some little weazle zits elsewhere but Im not too concerned about those at this point...That's all for today....I'll check back in when something changes!!! wavey.gif

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BTW...my skincare regimen:

My derm said its ok to stay on BP for now, just monitor my skin so Im sticking with the regimen my esthitician gave me just going a little less agressive than before the accutane...


  • 2.5% BP wash
  • Soothing Hydrating Toner
  • Mandelic Acid (exfoliator/inflammation reducer) every other day
  • Hydrating emulsion (super-gel moisturizer)
  • Broad spectrum UV sunscreen SPF 30


    • 2.5% BP wash
    • Soothing Hydrating Toner
    • Hydrating Emulsion
    • 10% BP Spot treatment for cysts only

    So far so good...I'll probably lay off the mandelic and BP 10% once the meds kick in to full effect but Im worried about the initial breakouts I dont want to break out any more than I am...most of my cysts are healing..just alot of post inflammitory hyperpigmentation left over.

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