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Meet Another Person With Acne. I Love Learning More About This Thing We Hate.

Hey all, I am Thomas Rio, I have had acne since I was about 14. I am now 24. I have managed it many different ways, and have seen very clear skin at times for a few months at a time. About six months was the longest stint I have been clear. I have the type of skin where if I did absolutely nothing, including not washing my face, I would probably end up with over 100 pimples at a time, maybe more. Although by now I have sort of lost the acne growth everywhere but my forehead. However, my upper cheeks (I have a beard) are blotchy red and itchy (I don't know why, it seems like sometimes it is what I eat)

I have used, Accutane, The regimen, Special diets, herbs, and exercise. They have all worked for me, I just hate to keep up with the healthy things, and accutane has destroyed my liver. I don't really know what to do. I am so sick of trying. I am thinking of doing a 4 accutane cycle, hopefully it will be the last :)..I will post again perhaps tomorrow when I start my accutane cycle.

Everyone feel free to comment with helpful hints and ways to get acne free.

Stay Clear,

Thomas Rio


look man ! i know its hard to fight against acne , but never give in , u here me . what makes us different from others who give in, is the will to survive . someday ur gonna have the best skin , i bet on it . never back down and keep faith, keep trying man! all the best.

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yo dude i agree your only 24 don't give up and don't give in that's the way your sure to win, sounds to me like you need some chick to give u head or a body cleans. could your life style be lazy your room messy, you eat bad food you have no clue what kind of nutrient's you put in your self? and so on i have shity skin but lol the thing is 60% of me new i was going to break out the other 40% was due to my age i didn't care for my self. so my choices lead to bad skin. so even if its not your style take care of your skin so its last a while.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. I have started my accutane again, I will post another blog post about it this week.

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