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Dkr + Diet Update, Day 30 W/ Pix

I haven't been great about following the regimen to a T as recommended by Dan, unfortunately... It has been too drying to my skin, and using moisturizer after applying the BP just inevitably has me slathering it on parts of my face I don't have acne to begin with - which causes it to look sorta damaged and doesn't help me keep it concentrated on the problem areas like around my chin. I was using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer because they are a bit more nourishing, but now that I've run out of those I will resume using the products from the regimen and hopefully that will see me more clear in a few weeks.

NO NEW CYSTIC ACNE AT ALL so far... I think that is primarily because I completely cut out Greek yogurt from my diet, which I was eating basically every day before when I used to have the cystic acne the worst. I assumed yogurt wasn't dairy because the probiotics 'feed' off the lactose... But anyways, just wanted to flag that for anyone who might be curious about yogurt and has female hormonal acne. While I enjoyed the protein and probiotics of yogurt, I'm not going to risk the acne by re-introducing it.

Still trying to maintain a mostly gluten free diet - but I've cheated - and cheated with things like cake/muffins/bagel/donut - especially last weekend. You can see in the pix that I'm kinda breaking out. I've been trying to do gluten free for a few years now and manage to be about 75% of the time, so it's just a matter of taking it to that next level. I think I'll always have to make an exception for cake though - just not every single month (cause we all know there are always plenty of occasions).

Been picking the acne that is on my neck like mad - I know, I know. Something about it not being on my face makes it extra hard for me not to pick at it. I never had neck acne before so it bothers me that much more... It's more foreign! More of a strange invader I absolutely must demolish... HA. No, this is bad, must stop.

Occasionally I'll wear BB Cream (I've been rotating from some Sephora samples of Dr Jart, Smashbox and Boscia) but this stuff does NOT smooth over the BP at all! Nightmares! So it's best to just use spot concealer, which I've never had problems with in the past clogging pores. I suspect the BB cream could potentially exacerbate comedonal acne (pretty much everything that covers my whole face I don't trust).

Perhaps the BP is also helping to keep the cystic acne at bay, but I have a hunch that completely eliminating dairy, as well as reducing coffee to a few times a week vs every day is part of it.

One thing the BP hasn't been so successful at is clearing up my damn comedonal acne - those little white bumps... I'm pretty bad about picking those too, and if I can just keep my hands off my face I'm sure I'll have way more luck clearing the acne overall.

Anyways - let's be positive here. YAY for no cystic acne!

And also, I got a juicer and have been drinking various vegetable/fruit juice combos daily. It's important to go easy on the fruits - ratio out fruit to veggie 1:5 or something... making it not sweet, but not too bitter. Juicing makes my skin GLOW and look really healthy and even toned. I cannot recommend it enough - and buying juice is NOT the same thing.

I'll juice kale/cucumber/celery/romaine/lemon/green apple (lowest in sugars) and ginger for a kick, or carrots with grapefruit and parsnips, sometimes beets... Anyways it's pretty great.

Gonna try and be a lot more strict with the no gluten moving forward, as well as more faithfully follow the regimen as much as I can.

Also, my skin started to get a bit more oily over the past few weeks - one thing I stopped being faithful with was the Pantothenic Acid supplementation. When I first started megadosing, my skin dramatically dried up. I've tapered the dose down to 1000mg/day, but in the past couple weeks had slacked on even taking that much (was worried about it making me deficient in other B-vitamins). So I am going to try and stick to taking at least 1000-2000mg daily again in order to dry the skin up a bit more.

Here's to hoping my next update is TOTALLY CLEAR!

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since these pix kinda suck - I will add that almost all of this is just dark marks left over from previous acne, except for the neck pimples... gotta start doing more glycolic peels, will update with progress again soon.

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