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Week 4 - Month 1



Day 28.

Nothing crazy has happened, my shoulders look a little bit better I guess. Still got issues though plus some hardcore redness.

Still not dried out. I find this really strange. I go to my doc appt next week so I'll be doing some investigating. I know it works it's magic on everybody differently but my general understanding was everybody got super dry (Clint Eastwood style - like in Good, Bad, and the Ugly haha). Maybe I'm just super oily. I mean I know I'm a load more oilier than the average joe but dang. As weird as it sounds, I want to be dry. Maybe I need a higher dosage, not really my call though... We shall see how things proceed within the following week.

Plus not being able to eat certain foods (especially as a college student), makes life rough (there's free pizza everywhere... but not while I'm on these meds =/ haha). I'm already conscious of what I eat, but now I'm checking the nutrition facts and the whole nine yards. I feel like a health nut. ha


Wait...why cant you eat pizza on claravis??? (Sets my pizza slice down) .....this is the first Ive heard...

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Ha I'm sure you'll be fine. I normally "eat within reason" as it is, but my doc said that the medicine tends to raise your cholesterol so to avoid really fatty (unsaturated fats, I presume) and high in cholesterol foods. So I'm trying to be as cautious as possible I suppose. Everything's good in moderation though, right? hah

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