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Hello Acne.org! My First Post



I am no stranger to ACNE.ORG

Like most acne sufferers I have been traveling off and on this site for years, and you know what? It really is the only place at times where I can find any relief from what is going on in my personal struggles with acne.

So I decided that I am ready to start blogging, in hopes that I can help inspire others and that others can inspire me :)

With this first entry I'm going to introduce myself and give you all a brief run down of whats going on (skin wise)

First off I have been a licensed and practice medical aesthetician for over 3 years now. I love what I do and at times my profession can make me be a lot harder on myself and how I think I need to look at all times. I first decided to get into skin care while I was practicing make up artistry. It was then that I was introduced to skin care ingredients and product lines and I immediately was obsessed. I couldnt wait to help make a difference in my skin and others skin through skin health and knowledge, not by cover and hiding it with make up.

Because I am a medical aesthetician I have the pleasure of working with some wonderful board certified plastic surgeons and doctors. It also gives me the opportunity to be trained and to meet some of the greatest skin care educators and skin care brands around the world. I also specialize in more advance skin care treatments such as laser therapy for acne, rosacea, spider veins, sun damage, melasma, laser hair removal, and non invasive laser resurfacing peels. Throughout my day I am also performing advance clinical facials, CO2 therapy, dermaplaning, mild to moderate grade chemical peels, waxing, and microdermabrasion. I do feel that I have a wealth of knowledge and treatment options at my disposal.

Sadly, even the most well equiped machines can still end up broken at points in their lives, and though I have a lot at my disposal I still suffer from acne prone and hormonally imbalanced skin.

My struggles started in high school but at the time I really didnt care or seem to notice it. I dont know if it is because it wasnt really that bad or because I just didnt care. Yet, over the past three years I have watched my skin go from worse, to better, to ehh, to bad again. It's a never ending battle and I have tried it all....and as technology and medicine grows I will continue to try even more. My goal is to NOT go on accutane. This is my personal decision and I feel that in order to save my health and my sanity I wont allow myself to go through the therapy.

So this blog is going to be dedicated to every product, routine, therapy, cream, you name it that I have tried, and currently trying to spark up some conversation and hope among the fellow acne.org community.

We are all in this together and knowledge is power and I feel that together we can help each other and ourselves :)


I just started Isotretoin 3 days ago...but before that I was seeing an esthetician twice a month for mild peels/extractions and under their regimen which helped me drastically (literally when nothing else did) I would continue it but I know my skin, and that accutane is the only thing that will have long term effects on my skin so Im going on this for a while...if the side effects get too bad Ill go back to the esthetician but heres some info: Face Reality Acne Clinic (they also help long distance clients) Regimen: Acne face wash 2.5% BP, LightStim Acne light (LED therapy for 20 min a day), soothing hydrating toner, Mandelic Acid (exfoliator, and inflammation reducer), Hydrating Emulsion (Super gel moisturizer), 10%BP spot treatment (day) and allover (night) SPF 30 sunscreen....it really works wonders...and has a money back guarantee....you should check it out....San Leandro, CA...

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