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I Don't Even Know



I have been struggling with acne for about 6 months now but it's finally starting to clear up from using Retin-a micro and benzyoil peroxide. Now i have a bunch of scars all over my cheeks but atleast there aren't anymore active cysts! but i'm starting to break out a little bit though and im getting really scared and self conscious again. I've basically been obsessed with my face ever since i started breaking out and i really have no one to talk to about my acne because im too embarressed to talk about it with any of my friends or family so it would be great to have some support from people who know what im going through:)

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definitely know what you're going through! stick with whatever you're trying for a decent amount of time, but def talk to your derm if you feel like you're not seeing results after 12-ish weeks. i waited forever to switch retinoids because i was so afraid, but now i realize that i could have already found the perfect one if i hadn't waited so long! it also helps me to think that we obsess over our skin WAY more than anyone else...people without acne don't even notice skin half as much as we do :)

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