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Ahhhh, 6 Days Before I Begin Accutane !



Hey fellow acne sufferers,

I just wanted to give a quick summary of my history with acne and let you know what I have used in the past that hasn't worked for me.

I'm also going to be starting accutane soon!

Products used:

Proactiv, Clean & Clear, Nuetrogena, Acne Free, Exposed Skincare, Cetaphil cleanser gel & bar soap, and a bunch of scrubs, exfoliators, I've used yougurt masks, I've tried the egg mask, drinking apple cider vineger, cutting out milk products, eating healthier and drinking more water! (obviously I still have acne or I wouldn't be here, so those haven't worked, then I got serious and went to a dermatologist).

Products prescribed by 2 different Dermatologists that didn't work:

Retin A, Clindamycin gel =topicals

Doxycycline (1 pill, 100mg a day), Monocycline (2 pills, 50mg each day)=Pills

It's been almost 7 months since I found out about Accutane while researching and it has taken me THIS long to finally be allowed to take it! I will post another blog on how I finally got my dermatologist to agree to give me accutane. You might be wondering what kind of acne I have. Well, I consider myself to have severe acne, but I'm probably exageerating just a smudge. I've been told by a friend, a dermatologist and my mom that my acne isn't severe. If i'm being honest I think my acne is moderately-severe. There's good weeks and bad weeks, its just a rollar coaster ride with my skin. No one day is the same. Each morning I wake up wondering what new pimple has decided to resurface and show its ugly face on MY face! With accutane, I almost feel like its time now. I'm the most ready I'll ever be and seeing as how nothing has significanlty improved my acne, I'm excited to take the plunge and begin using accutane.

Okay, so when do I start?

I start in exactly 6 days, my 2nd derm. appointment is 4/30/12 @8:25am!!! I'll get my 2nd blood test and will hopefully get my prescription for accutane. I'll be in school for 2 weeks and then the semester's over, which i'm so thankful for! Then I can have my horrible initial breakout and all the disgusting peeling and chapped lips away from people, in the comfort of my home!

My hope is to post weekly updates of my accutane process. I'll write sideaffects I'm having, how my acne is doing, advice, maybe helpful products i've found etc.

Please for those of you on accutane, plz give me any advice about accutane, what I should use, things I shouldn't do/eat etc. That'd be sooooooooo helpful.

Peace, thanks for reading wink.png


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moisturize like crazy, keep hydrated, constantly apply lip balm, and lots of sunscreen. I myself found several products that are great - Eucerin (i think its called Aquaphor in the US) or Cetaphil as moisturizers, Cetaphil for facial cleanser, any sunscreen with a very high SPF. I myself didnt find Blistex or any chapstix any good until I found my life saver "The Body Shop" lip balm with SPF 15 and vitamin E. After showering I use a body moisturizer Vaseline deep conditioning cocco butter with Vitamin E. You will find over time your hair and scalp will become dry and less oily and therefore less frequent hair washing. Your nose may become dry so apply vaseline at night and a little goes a long way during the day. Best of Luck and stay positive!

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Wow, thank you!! I'm going to write down the products you mentioned and go on a little shopping trip to target soon ahah.

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