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Day 41, 40Mg- Slow Progress... ? Getting Oily



SOOOO today is day 41, i know i just posted last week but i feel like my skin has been at a standstill for the past few weeks. it's definitely improved for sure but i feel like it's not continuing to improve it's just staying "okay" when it definitely has a lot of room to improve. i mean it's not terrible, a few actives and mostly marks.

i've read in a couple blogs/forums that people experience a standstill in month 2 and see real improvement in month 3+. is anyone else experiencing this???

has anyone seen faster improvement w/ red marks w/ accutane? i know time is a major factor but what about accutane too? anyone???

NOW onto the OIL! my skin was doing soo well, not even blotting or maybe 1x/day and getting nothing on sheet. over the last week the oil seems to be coming back- i'm having to blot 1x/day and the sheet is almost covered. definitely less than before accutane but WHY is it coming back now when my dose was upped to 40 from 20. shouldn't it be more dry. the only dryness i'm having is lips and hair. skin really isn't that bad, i'm using DKR moisturizer not even having to do cetaphil on my whole face just around nose sometimes. and my face is going back to feeling gross a couple hours after washing but doesn't look bad, but then i can't stop thinking about my face when i'm feeling gross, if that makes sense, lol. i know the oil will probably come back after i'm done with my course but i thought it would be lessened and i thought i wouldn't be oil now on my course!?? my pores are still HUGE as you can see in gallery pics.

anyone else having increased oil on 2nd month??? whats the deal.

blahh just annoyed. but still happy with accutane. i'm always having mixed emotions about my face. blahh blahh. however, i can't believe its day 41 already. i'm excited for the next couple months. i think i'll probably be on accutane until mid august if i can tolerated 60mg for the next three months because that will get me into the recommended dosing. but if i can't tolerate it (which i don't see why i wouldn't except maybe if cholesterol/LFTs go up) i might be on a lower dose longer. we'll see. i'm embracing all options.


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