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Day 21...things Are Turning Around Maybe?



so Maybe i'm smoking crack, but the swelling in my actives seems to have taken a drastic change over the past 2 days. It went from being the worst breakout ever, to pretty managable. I don't know maybe i'm just getting used to it but hopefully this is a turning point. No new side effects, no bad mood, no aches or pains. Just super dry lips and peely skin. I love having nice hair every day, not having to wash it but ever 3 days. My nails are really peely though and idk if this is a side effect. I've been in the sun alot lately too and i haven't gotten a sun burn, so there's some more good news. Some more pics are attatched, i always take them right after cleansing and moisturizing, so probably at the worst time ever. But it's better for you to see it how it really is and hopefully be able to notcie the changes as i continue. I think this is so hard for me because i've never had bad skin before. It only started after having my son. So to be able to watch yourself get progressively worse is a hard thing to do. i'll post some before and after pics as well. hopefully i'll get back to it one day :)

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Just wanted to say i can so relate to what you are going through. I also didn't have bad acne til after I had my child and then it got worse & worse til it was freakish giant acne cysts all over that had to be injected with cortisone:( So devasting to the self esteem!! I finally took the accutane plunge & it does seem to improving now in the middle of the third month after nasty breakouts the first 2 months. Hope you continue to improve & we both have beautiful clear skin at the end of all this :)

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