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Waiting For Roaccutane On The Nhs



Recently, Ive become frustrated because of the waiting list on the NHS. It is really testing my patience, Ive had 3 dermatologlist appointments since October. Initially, the first dermatologist told me that I was a perfect candidate for roaccutane and got me all excited about this 'miracle drug'. I looked into it and thought 'Thank God, this nightmare will end soon..' How wrong was I? My second appointment was with a different dermatologist, he said something totally different. At that point my heart dropped, tears was starting to fall, trying hard to hold them in. I was speechless and felt like Ive been crushed. It took me a while until I got myself back into one piece again. My third appointment was in February, to be honest I wasnt really looking forward to it. my esteem was rock bottom, didnt really have any expectations. and convinced myself that I will be having these pimples for life.

I still remember sitting there waiting for my name to be called, thinking that this was going to be a total waste of time. My name was called and yet another dermatologist that did not introduce herself or tell me where the previous dermatologist had gone. She recommended roaccutane and within 5 minutes I was out of the room. However, she said the next available appointment was in 3 months. So here I am now waiting for the next appointment.

Basically, I will be waiting for 7 months and may not get put on roaccutane. My acne is considered to be moderately severe and has cause scarring on my face, chest and back. Its pretty gross. I dont understand why they are so hesistant in putting me on roaccutane. I have been on all sorts of antibiotics, topical creams and over the counter products for over 4 years, yet no positive result. I keep counting each day that passes but also afraid that what if this was false hopes again? and I dont get prescribed roaccutane, what hope will I have left? what will I do next? how could I move on in life if I dont feel confident in my own skin?

I dont know if anyone else has also experienced this long waiting list from the NHS?


I fee yah! Why don't you make an appointment with the same dermatologist who "didn't introduce themself" since they already said yes to you, because visiting different derm's is probabaly the problem. Every dermatologist has a different opinon of accutane. Some WILL NOT prescribe it no matter how severe or presistent your acne is, others will give it to you if you ask for it.

I've had to wait 7 months to finally get accutane. My 2nd derm appointment is in less than a week. The first dermatologist I went to flat out said no when I asked for accutane, the second one, actaully said yes. Don't give up hope though! Maybe it different in where I live in Minnnesota, but call up the derm's office and ask the staff which dermatologist you're seeing, then maybe google thier name and see if its the same or a different one. If its a different one, I'd switch, yeah you might have to wait 4 months instead of three, but at least you'll know accutane is a sure thing. Good luck with everything!

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Im so happy for you, I wish you all the best..

In England, on the NHS system patients dont have much of a voice in requesting which derm to see and living in London makes the waiting worse. I will be seeing my GP on friday, hopefully I can emphasise the importance and convince her to shorten my waiting time. :)

how does the system in the US work?

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