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Not Letting Acne Rule Our Lives!



When I scroll down and read the blogs here and even just looking at Youtube, its not hard to find people frustrated with their acne/acne-prone skin. At times it can lead to depression and it is a self-esteem destroyer. I am not immune to its effects - I suffer from acne and LOTS hyperpigmentation, and I can't help but compare myself to my relatives who do not have acne or hyperpigmentation. I become jealous and angry just because, to me, my skin looks hideous.

But through out my time in college, I've learned that there is more to me than my acne, and ways to pick myself up so my acne situation didn't seem so bad.

First thing is this - love yourself. This can be hard; after all we are our own worst critic, and we can be really be hard on ourselves. Cut yourself some slack. Out of the 7 billion people on this planet there is no one and has never been anyone like you! You are unique! Walt Whitman wrote : "I celebrate myself, and sing myself." So what you don't have that perfect skin or have the those pretty green eyes like your friend Lucy. You are not Lucy! Why waste your time trying to be like someone else? Coveting someone else and what they have? It only leads to disappointment in yourself when you do that. Therefore celebrate being you! Remembering that I was purchased through the blood of Jesus Christ is the best reminder of just how special I am! I'm made in the image of an awesome God, who sacrificed His Son so that I can be part of His family for all eternity! So yeah since He took the time to fabricate me in my mother's womb, I will celebrate being me.

But of course we will all face those days when we forget that fact and feel sad as we look at the mirror. So look for your favorite aspect about yourself. What is it your love about yourself? You might tell say - I hate everything about myself!!! But honestly if you do that you will only see the 'flaws' that you dislike. I suggest you do this (guys and girls) - after you take a shower, take a look at a full mirror (or stand a good distance from your mirror to get a full view of yourself) and look for the things you like! It could be your hair, that dent in your nose that gives your face character, the fact that your boobs are just the perfect size, or that your butt looks fitted in jeans and makes the guys turn their heads. For me, my dimples and my legs are one of my favorite aspects of me. I used to be hard on myself because I wasn't as tall as my cousins - they are all 5'7 - 6'0 (model height) and I'm stuck at 5'0 - or the fact that I had small boobs (34A) while my sister had bigger breast in the C and D cup range. But one day I was at a friend's house and getting ready to go out and I tried on one of her booties in my jeggings and looked at her tall mirror and was like - 'Damn, my legs look good." Even though I was short, I just grew in love with the way my legs looked. Every time I pass a store I can't help but look at my legs! And I see the advantage of my height and small boobs. i can wear certain things and rock looks they never could! Besides, small boobs are easier to run in. ;) And it doesn't have to be a physical aspect either. What is it about your personality that you love?

Now you know what your love about yourself it is time to work it! So when you are feeling extra down - wear your favorite outfit that brings out the feature. Wearing something you like is an awesome confidence booster! The other day I wanted to feel good and have a good day so I put on some shorts, a hollister dress, a cardigan, scarf, my Airwalks (knock off Converses) and to top it off my Fedora that my older cousin gave to me. I felt so adorable and this natural high that I was in control of my happiness. I would not let my day turn sour because of my break out the day before! I got soooo many compliments on how cute I looked and that sure boosted my ego just a tad. :) No one mention of my acne (or as my mother says 'boutons') or my hyperpigmentation. I didn't even notice it because I felt so good. If you don't make it a focus then others will not make it a focus (I mean some people will, but ignore them because you know that you are more than that) So wear your favorite outfit or your favorite hairstyle! Rock it! Work it!

Drink tea! Okay that was random (one of the things I love about myself) but really give it a try. Well for me, drinking herbal tea is very relaxing! The process of brewing it and smelling the aroma is just so soothing that it just assuages any situation! Besides some teas are good for you! Helping my body and my mind. Don't like tea? Opt for just hot water with a bit of lemon.That is so good for your body and lemons smell DIVINE!

Speaking of lemons - on a day where you feel beat up - give yourself a DIY facial. Focus on you, cuz you deserve it! Relax and just do an oatmeal mask (my favorite mask) and your face will thank you for it! You can even do a lemon mask, egg white mask, honey mask, or yogurt mask - just google facial masks and you'll find a ton! After my masks that when I sipping my nice tea! :)

Most importantly - live your life and smile! My mom gave me a shirt when I was 8 that had the following quote - "A smile will brighten up your face and fill your heart with love and grace!" So don't forget your smile. True, your acne may still be there but smile anyway because you have so much to be thankful for - you are alive in your right frame of mind and as long as you have that, nothing is impossible! The sky is the limit so don't let some bumps hold you back!

God bless!

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