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Day 4



my skin got so dry by yesterday afternoon i had to put a bunch of lotion on and just leave it without makeup. i really hope other people don't notice this stuff as much as i do. i know most people see your entire face, while when i look in a mirror i focus on the parts i know are broken out or don't look so good. my forehead looks a little worse...a few more clogged pores seem to be coming out (i hope). i'm so curious about whether my initial breakout comes sooner/if it actually takes a full 12 weeks to see results since my skin is already thinner from the atralin. maybe that's why it seems like this happened quickly? the bottom half of my face looks pretty smooth, just a couple clogged pores around my chin. i skipped the bp entirely this morning except for on my forehead, and used less makeup than normal because i just hate when my skin gets flaky during the day. as of right now i think i'm doing okay. i scheduled an appointment with my derm for 3 weeks now, because that will be about a month on retin-a every night and almost 2 months of 50 mg of spiro/day. since my biggest worry here is that the retin-a won't be as strong as the atralin, i want to follow up with him about the progress. i'm also nervous that if my skin gets worse, it won't be because of the retinoids but because i stopped using bp. like if i go in and my skin is worse, it could be for either reason and i hate not knowing why something happens. i guess i can keep using bp on my forehead, because my forehead can handle it and it gets the bumpiest. i know this is super rambly and it's embarrassing to worry so much and spend so much time thinking about your skin, but i guess this is the place for it!


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