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Day 38- Accutane 40Mg/day



Hello! i put new pics in my gallery if you want to check it out- they are kinda out of order but i put the dates in the caption or comment hope that helps. the lighting is a little yellow/dark is some of the pics so you can't really see everything in real light so it's a little worse in person.

i'm LOVING accutane! BUT still have a LOOONG way to go on my journey and to better skin. my skin still has a lot of room for improvement even though it has improved some and looks better

SKIN: Overally my skin is doing better, 5 or less actives. 2 on my lower Left jaw, 1 is a cyst the other is a large whitehead which i popped this morning because it was THROBBING and needed to release pressure! forehead clear. chin clear minus some marks. MARKS are really the most annoying thing at the moment. i have a few red ones b/c i popped them weeks ago, i know it's bad but i've been really good lately b/c there has been nothing to pop= yay. my skin is SMOOTH. but a little more oily? i mean nothing compared to before accutane- i blot once a day BUT it only covers 1/4 of the sheet not 2 sheets like i used to do. so i'm happy with that. pores are still HUGE- well at least to me. but blackheads are pretty much GONE! whoo so i don't have black dots everywhere- it was terrible, just open pores and some ice pick scars. my eyebrows are out of control though- i miss waxing- wahh. i know there is threading but its in the middle of the mall and thats embarrassing and annoying to go all the way there but i'm gonna have to suck it up

Side effects- a little more oily like i said earlier but nothing crazy and my face really isn't that dry- kinda in the middle of dry and oily but more dry, i know that sounds confusing. but i'm still only using DKR moisturizer and cetaphil around nose because thats the most dry flaky area. inside my nose is also dry and sometimes gets really runny and i don't have allergies. eyes are ok and i wear contacts for 14 hours a day w/o any issues. i've noticed i kinda get sweaty on my face sometimes and i can't stop it- it's kinda gross but idk if thats accutane related. scalp dry and kinda flaky/dandruff- washing every 2 days- can go longer but i feel more clean when i wash. hands and skin on rest of body are fine- i don't even lotion daily- but that might change in the next weeks because of the increase dosage to 40mg- i didn't start seeing side effects until day 20 on 20mg so i'm guessing it will take my body at least until day 50 to see changes d/t 40mg because of the build up in my body.

ohh forgot to mention- i'm drinking like 2-3L of water a day so i think that could be why i'm not sooo dry or maybe it's my lower dose.

got my hair done yesterday- highlighted for the summer! i did notice all the flakes though when she was cutting- so my scalp is really dry. but i hate getting my hair dry because of all the product and washing and hair on my face i have a little anxiety freak out session about it because they dont' pay attention to getting hairspray and crap on my face- ughh annoying but i won't have to get it done for a while now.

my derm said 20mg 2x/day-40mg. but sometimes i've been taking it at the same time because it's hard to eat 2 fatty meals a day to digest w/ accutane. what has everyone else been doing?

but things are looking up. i think my initial breakout is over, but i could get new ones in the next couple days/weeks with the increase dosage so we'll have to see. it seems like the breakouts are slowing down and now marks...

thanks for reading!


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