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I Was At The Doctor Today!



And what a confused doctor! But he gave me Tetracycline, which was my reason to go to the doctor.

But i took my garlic pills, zink pills and vitamins together with my regimen: DSC cleanser, Oxy on Spot 2,5 % and DSC moisturizer with me, so the doctor could take a look at it.

He said that garlic pills and zink was useless. Vitamins are not beneficial if you just eat healthy food.

He said that it was good that I didn't use a regimen with perfume and alcohol, but I HAD to use the regimen that I needed to buy from him.

I said that I didn't drink milk and other diary products, but he was just like: "diary products have nothing to do with acne and you can drink and eat all the diary products you want while being on Tetracycline" but i'm not stupid..

I have a question, which my doctor really couldn't answer: What can't i drink and eat? Which supplements should I stay away from?

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For what it's worth, here's what I think:

Zinc is not useless and by definition, the vitamins must surely be beneficial. Always best to put the focus on making sure that you get as much of them from your food rather than supplementing alone, but there's no reason why you can't give it a helping hand and it's bound to help. Once I boosted my vitamin intake that way, I saw great improvements in my skin.

I've no idea about the garlic pills to be honest as I've never taken them and know nothing about them. Zinc has helped me and I'm aware that it's helped a lot of other people who are prone to acne, too. It's best not to take Zinc when taking Tetracycline antibiotics because it can prevent them working fully. Doesn't do any harm, but you might as well make sure that the antibiotics work as best they can.

Dairy certainly does play a part. He's wrong there, no doubt. Speaking of which, it's worth trying to reduce your dairy intake, same for wheat and gluten. If you happen to spot any patterns between when you break out and certain things you eat, it's worth keeping an eye on that and reducing it. I did the very same thing when I cut out processed and overly spicy foods. Alo reduced the amount of cheese I eat as it seemed like I had it in everything

Between increasing my my vitamin intake and removing a few foods that were contributing to my acne, I've seen fantastic results in the last few months. To me, it's better to pay more attention to the visible improvements others have instead of taking what the docs say as gospel, especially when it seems like they often give information which goes against what a lot of us are actually experiencing.


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