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Day 11.



Hey everyone!

So i'm back at university now, feels good to be back, especially with my skin look a lot better from when I was here two months ago. Someone even complimented me on how well my skin was looking. Trying not to get my hopes up though, acne is still haunting me, but I'm coping with it a lot better. No more sulking in my room, no more cancelling plans if I feel poo.

So how's the skin? Well, my forehead is continuously breaking out, more than before. One goes down, two comes up, that kind of thing, but my cheeks are looking a lot better. I know I shouldn't touch my face but in the shower last night, I gently felt my cheeks and barely felt any lumps and bumps, so by the looks of things, they're just red marks that look like pimples. I have a few come up around my lips, one on my lip which is painful to smile. Chin is clear so far, fingers crossed. My skin is very flaky but i'm still using Simple hydrating moisturiser. I have to put it on a lot throughout the day compared to something a lot stronger such as Cetaphill but if you don't mind re applying every now and then, I suggest something a lot cheaper than Cetaphill.

Right. Nothing else to report as of yet, i'm off to a rehearsal, make up free, yaaaay :D


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