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So, like many others I have poured over comments, blogs etc on this site and thought it was about time I joined and shared my story!

A bit of background...

Suffered with acne from about 13, progressively got worse and at 16/17 decided medical help was needed. Got prescribed dianette, tetracycline and various topicals which together worked perfectly for a few years and inevitably they stopped working. So aged 20, I started breaking out again and although it was mild/moderate at worst the impact on my mental health was severe and I began the rollercoaster ride of Roaccutane on the 13th Feb 2012.

Today is day 64 on accutane..9 weeks..nearly 2 and a half months. Update? My skin is one hundred times worse than when I started! Month 1 (30mg per day, I weigh 60kg) was horrific, I have literally never had acne that severe in my life. Month 2 (still 30 mg) the breakouts slowed but everything was lingering on my face, taking forever to heal. And now in month 3 (40 mg per day) I am still breaking out regularly, with a great deal of unhealed spots and loooads of red marks. It is miserable but I know I'm commited to finishing the course now even if I have lost hope in this "miracle" drug.

Short story is if you have mild/moderate acne and are considering taking this medication (and happen to read this), be prepared to go through hell first! Fingers crossed I'll notice some improvements soon eusa_pray.gif ..and good luck to anyone else on this journey!

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Hey there. smile.png

Don't give up hope. Although I've no experience with Roaccutane myself, I've read a lot of blogs here and pretty much all the logs posted on the message board. From what I've seen, people often start seeing positive changes around the third month. Never know, improvement might be just around the corner.

It certainly seems pretty normal to experience an initial breakout once it starts doing its thing. Perhaps not easy to deal with and I certainly know of the emotional stress bad breakouts can cause, but it could also be seen as a positive sign that it's doing something and starting to work, so hang in there as best you can!

I often say that the severity of acne can be irrelevant, in the sense that if mild to moderate acne is enough to do damage to a person's mental health then, to that person at least, the state of their skin is on a par with being severe. I guess some handle it better than others and some struggle to deal with it. In that respect, I applaud you for wanting to take this action to try and clear it once and for all so that you're able to stop struggling and can then move forward.

Here's hoping things start improving for you very soon and that it's worth it in the end.


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