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Accutane Week 4 : Day 2



Hey all,

Well It's been just over a week or so since my last blog... lets starts with the negatives...cry.gif ..

My IB has just been pants!! When I run my fingers over my face all I an feel is uneven and bumpy skin - it's bloody awful. Still getting big and very uncomfortable cysts under the skin (in places that I've not had before too) - in the past week or so I've had about 10/11 cysts. Aswell, I seem to have an big outbreak or tiny spots all over my face - you cant really see them unless you are close up but you can feel the unevenness that they are causing. In addition Blackheads are appearing where I've never had any before too! I don't think my skin has been this bad for a long long time and I don't make things any better by picking at my face! It's like an obsession - I just can't leave the spots alone and I know it is the WORST thing you can do for your skin but I HATE having stuff in my face and it strangely makes me feel better if I have gotten rid of some of the gunk stuck in there!! But that doesn't help my hyper-pigmentation does it!! ###silly girl!!

Anyways...I am trying to think positively and bear with it and just keep looking forward to when my skin starts getting better. A friend of mine (also on accutane) has reassured me that this is normal (even though I already knew you can get an IB) she says "it's bringing out all the crap that was stuck in your pores underneath the surface of your skin and only when it's all come to the surface can your skin then start to heal properly"...Bloody hope she's right!!.

I've noticed a couple of dry patches on the side of my wrist to which comes and goes - It's definitely due to the accutance as my friend had the very same when she went up to 40mg. Weird but not particularly bothersome.

...And the positives...smile.png

I'm feeling overall better in myself and think my low mood recently has been due to other things going on in my life and not the accutane.

Pleased to say that the itchiness of my head has subsided considerably and it's not really noticeable now except for the odd occasion.

What I have noticed though is my scalp is definitely less oily!! Before accutane I couldn't really go longer than every other day washing it and to look it's best I had to wash it everyday as it was too oily, but on day 2 of not washing it is still looking ok - a bit flat but not oily which is fab!

And it's not just my scalp that is better, the skin on my face is definitely beginning to be a little less oily (spotty but less oily) - I can tell because my make-up is staying put for much much longer without it sliding off my face! All good. And even though I am having a bad breakout at the moment I am noticing that the spots seem to be healing faster then normal. smile.png

My lips are totally manageable at the moment as I have started using Aquaphor - which is AMAZING and basically sorts out the tightness, dryness and any potential cracking. It's a definite recommendation for everyone!!

So, that's the story so far. I hope this is useful for those people thinking about starting accutane or just purely for interest, I'm back at the dermatologist later this week for my 4 week check up so will post after that on Thursday.

Bye for now



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