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Day 59 - Week 8 Accutane



hello to all those reading,

i cannot believe that 2 months on accutane have already come and gone. As far as my acne goes, it too has come and gone. My face has a few actives mostly on the left side along the jaw line, and few pimple like on my forehead. Which to me is much less than what it used to be. I am noticing it is a LITTLE less red, generally where it used to be my whole face was like a tomatoe when i have major cysts everywhere possible on my face. Now it is mearly becoming less visible, atleast in my eyes. Today i went to see my dermatologist, who decided to keep me on 60mg for the 3rd and 4th month. She told me those 2 months will generally be about the same so she decided to see me in 2 months time instead of 1. She also said at the next appointment she will determine whether or not i need to stay on accutane for 1 more month or 2. I am hoping i see great improvements so I only need to be on it for 5 instead of 6 months, so i can enjoy the summer!!

you may be wondering what symptoms i've been having... well pretty much same old. dry chapped lips but no cracking ( knock on wood, dont want to jinx it) dry nose, dry scalp less oily therefore less frequent hair washing, dry skin, and most recently a muscle aches and soreness but nothing i can't handle. I've noticed that my skin is really sensitive to this antibacterial hand sanitizer at school for my clinical, and i absolutely hate it! it is far too strong and literally burns when i apply it. unfortunately i cannot avoid it completely, so i deal with it. my hands then develop this patchy redness on them and i apply moisturizer constantly and then it goes away and i keep it under control that way. I wash my face daily with Cetaphil gentle moisturizer face wash and apply the Cetaphil gentle moisturizer or I use quite often as well Eucerin moisturizer both are really great products gentle and really help the skin. for my lips that dont look dry as they're constantly being hydrated and kept it great condition i use "the body shop - lip care SPF15 with vitamin E. honestly one of the best products out there. i started with blistex products and it didnt do anything... this has kept them in great shape like you wouldn't believe. I am that crazy girl on accutane with about 5 chapsticks lying around every where and applying every half hour to an hour. I am currently make up free since i have been on my course of accutane. I did occasionally wear it such as at a job interview and at Easter. Lets just say it did not look too great. When i first applied it, it was ALRIGHT but after a few hours it was blotchy and flakey and uggh beyond gross. I avoid make up now because in my opinion i feel that it is the root and soul cause of my acne. I want to be free of acne and have given up on make up for now. I have never before accutane gone a day with out make up and maybe it was the products i used, who knows. But if anyone knows of any products out there that are really good for acne prone skin that wont cause breakouts or clog pores etc let me know!

That is all for now fellow bloggers, I will keep you posted and post pics soon! Feel free to ask me anything, you're not in this alone!


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