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Doxycycline: Done!



Hi everyone smile.png

Finished my course of Doxycycline. Started that last September - feels like forever ago - and been tapering off of it for the last month or so. In the end, really slowed it down to roughly one pill a week, don't even think it will have been doing much by that point. Did the trick though because if the acne was going to come back with a vengeance, I know I'd have broken out by now. Lesson learned compared to previous courses of antibiotics, where I'd break out such a lot once I'd finished; always taper off rather than stopping dead.

These days, I just get the odd pimple. It's often now just a slight reaction to shaving, I find. Otherwise, there's no real pattern to it or cause behind it. I still maintain my regimen though and of course - vitally, I assume - keep an eye on my diet and make sure to avoid the things I'm intolerant of. Recently found that antihistamines seem to help in that regard and especially where my eczema is concerned. With the aid of that, I was able to eat pizza - I'm intolerant of melted/cooked cheese - and the antihistamine seemed to cancel out any potential reaction to that single portion. It's not technically the right the answer and I wouldn't think it feasible to place a side-order of antihistamines next time I'm in Pizza Hut(!), but it might allow for a bit of flexibility and at least mean I could treat myself now and then. Also found that I can take care of the areas where I'm prone to eczema with regular applications of Jojoba oil; just a little, every couple of nights seems to stop those areas from drying out and becoming itchy or visibly sore. All in all, these little discoveries are adding up and giving me majority-control over what my skin does. Happy with that because it's really all I've wanted to achieve for a number of years.

The next step for me is accepting who I am and how I look physically, flaws and all. It's hard. Really hard. I was so used to being broken out all the time that getting clearer kind of threw me off guard a bit. How I looked on the outside when my skin was bad seemed like a proverbial reflection of how I felt about myself on the inside. I suppose that's why I picked really, as a way of justifying how I feel. I've never had much self-esteem and the last twelve months really knocked the rest of it out of me. With my defenses totally down, the negative and self-deprecating thoughts have really done their damage. With or without acne, I just don't like what I see in the mirror and I simply cannot get around to believing that anyone else could like what they see of me either. It follows me everywhere and I usually just keep to myself and avoid people because I feel I'd be inflicting myself upon them and. Getting to be a bit of problem if I'm honest. I'm pretty sure I'm Dysmorphic and the obsessive degree to which I've picked my face in the past is also something I'm finding really hard to shake. I wrote about it at length on my Facebook page last week and kind of "came out" about it all. I don't suppose carrying all these self-inflicted feelings of guilt and shame around does me any good because I just ruminate all the time, so that was my attempt at opening up and letting them go. It was kind of therapeutic, I guess.

As far as the picking itself is concerned, I reckon I used to use all those negative feelings and channel them, then take it out on myself physically. I still have my moments and it seems like there are so many triggers; I could be bored, lonely, feeling down, anxious or nervous. All sorts of things seem to make me want to go to the mirror and just kind of zone out. I decided to go right back to the start with not picking and today is the fourth day I've gone without. Prior to that, I'd probably picked several times a day for the last seven or eight weeks. It was really getting out of hand. Hoping I can keep that in check and I'm going to take it one day at a time. Also going to see if I can work out what steps I need to take to learn to like myself and to accept who I am inside and out because, despite what I may tell myself, I do actually have the right to enjoy my life, be happy with it, and with the person I am, "flaws" and all.



Hey Paul, great post. It's so great to hear that your skin is finally clearing up, and even greater to hear your reflections. What I've found with now experiencing rather clear skin now, is that it's not that we "hide behind acne," but rather "acne masks the inside." Do you know what I mean? I think that we can feel depressed and anxious at any given time, no matter if we have clear skin or a pizza face, a good family or homelessness, a loving relationship or singleness, a good job or unemployment, it is all too easy for us to always find something to be upset and complain about. I think that acne is just something that people can focus all their negative problems on, and in fact blame all their problems and how they feel because of their skin. It's like people don't really want to look at who they are on the inside, they can focus on their appearance. But because they don't either like what's on the outside or inside, the turmoil and obsessive behaviors continue which probably create more acne.

I didn't realize I used to have a picking problem. Now that I don't have much to pick...I don't pick. I notice it when I'm stressed out...like taking an exam lol. Plus, I can just imagine all the bacteria I'm spreading on my skin. I think if we stop picking, then our skin can not only heal but also be a little less exposed to germs.

It sounds that you're able to face some really tough stuff, and accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are is probably the hardest thing. The world and media is really good at making us feel sh***tty.

Stress is a very powerful response. It's good in an emergent situation, but not to be maintained constantly. If stress can disrupt the pH in someone's stomach and cause ulcers, why can't it cause lesions on the face? I have a friend who was so stressed out, she had a miscarriage. She is constantly checking the mirror, touching her face, and is restless. My heart goes out to her, because she can never find rest, and the stress and anxiety she is always in very likely causes her acne.

Something that really set me free a few years ago was reading a book called "Victory over Darkness," and realizing that it's not what we do that determines who we are, but who we are that determines what we do. What we do is simply a byproduct of who we are. What we believe and see about ourselves will then create a course of our decisions that makes our path. If someone believes they are worthless, lazy, and can never amount to anything, then their actions will reflect how they see themselves. But if they know they are worthy to be loved and cared for, that they have an enormous potential to impact in the world, then what they do will reflect that. So, I'm sure that you're not a hindrance to anyone, and I'm also sure that there are people who are feeling just as lonely and down as you and need someone to care about them. The world is missing out on a creative mind and insightful caring heart, which both you have. :) You have reached out to so many people on this sight, which I'm sure many have been very grateful for your advice and concerns. I pray that you really can experience peace and accept the things you cannot change, and change the things you have the power to do.

Keep it truckin, Paul! :)

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Good tip about the book. Thanks That makes total sense actually and that's pretty much where I'm at. Essentially became what I told myself I was. Guess I need to flip it around and start telling myself something more positive, think it, believe it, and become it. Reckon I'll check that out.

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Hey guys, I'd also like to give you guys a brief introduction to my course of doxycycline use just for an additional example from another patient's perspective. I started using doxycycline in addition to using a topical Retin-A .05% cream and I noticed great results during my initial course. I started seeing great results after weeks of taking the doxycycline twice a day and then I tapered it down to once a day for the remainder of my 4 months. My skin was amazing and it was so clear! I was having the best time of my life enjoying clear skin and being able to go out and feel fully confident in my appearance. However after about 5 months of using doxycycline, I began to break out again, and it was much worse than before. I found out that the main reason behind this was the side effects of the doxycycline and how its frequent use diminishes the amount of probiotic bacteria in your stomach. With the lack of beneficial bacteria in my stomach and intestines, my skin was unable to heal as efficiently and I was more prone to breakouts! Just last week I stopped using doxycycline, and I realized that I needed to slowly taper it out for good. In addition, I started to take probiotic capsules (once a day) to replenish the beneficial bacteria I lacked and now started to eat more yogurt and other probiotic rich foods. I will keep you guys updated with my progress overtime and I just really wanted to share this to whoever is using doxycycline as well!

Long story short, doxycycline definitely helped me in the short run, but my acne came back much worse after the side effects of taking the antibiotic. If you guys are currently taking the doxycycline course, I highly recommend taking it with a probiotic supplement to ease the side effects of doxycycline! Hope this was of help to anyone !

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I know this post is pretty old but its still extremely helpful! I've just started my journey which includes doxycycline and I had no idea to taper off of it so thanks for the tip!

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