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Giving Up

Liam Foster


I honestly feel like giving up now. I really don't have the mental capacity anymore to bear with this acne no longer. I am going to see the doctor on friday in hope that he can get me to a dermatologist, and give me something to take this away! I feel emotionally and physically drained, haven't been outside the house in like a week because I just can't. Tired of dreaming of clear skin, i just hope all you who have clear skin know how lucky you are.


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i feel your pain bro, i have been feeling so down because of my acne to. But i cant stay home i go to college sometimes i just want to miss classes but i just cant i just deal with it. i dont go out on the weekends though i just stay home which sucks i use to always be out. i went to my dermatologist yesterday and i got prescribed isotretinoin and i start next thursday hopefully that will make my pain go away. dont give up though im sure this will all be over soon.

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Dear Liam, do not give up! It can be worse if you ask me...:) On top of my acne which I am having for the last 20 years I have type 1 diabetes. I have been in coma with my diabetes 4 times and my acne when I was 20 made me stop studying at university for a year because I could not go outside my house....my acne was that bad!! I am on accutane at the moment and it seems to be the only treatment that does some good for me:) Try to stay positive. I wish you get to see a very good dermatologist and sort out your problem soon! Good luck to you, be brave and do not lose hope!:)

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Don't give up mate!

Your doctor will be able to help you. Even if you don't get to see a derm, your doctor may well be able to pint you in the right direction and prescribe you something.

When I felt like jacking it all in, I saw my doctor and got topical medication and antibiotics. They worked well for me and kept me going. Through that period, I then started to learn that my biggest issue was diet and food intolerances. Again, that was something my doctor helped me with because I got an intolerance test. Fast forward six or seven months and now I'm the one who is in control of my skin, not acne. It's all about finding out what the root cause is and your doctor can help you do that.

Honestly, I battled with it for 13 years but there's always hope there's always light at the end of the tunnel. I got there and you can too!


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Thankyou so much guys, don't really know what i'd do without this page tbh. I will stick through it and beat it but man is it hard! And london cat you are one inspirational person! making me feel like im over reacting now haha. I will keep you all posted on what my doctor says :)


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