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Hanging Under The Clouds Today



So I'm finding that my mood is really fluctuating these days. I'm not happy. I literally have to pull myself out of my bad mood but I think some of it has to do with the fact that I'm starting work in a couple of days and I have to go back in with this face.

The funny thing is, when I was at work it was way worse than it is now! I mean now I have only little bumps and redness but then there is the scarring.

That's what it is.

The scarring.

Which yeah, is my fault but it doesn't make me feel any less crap.

It's all on my chin and some on my cheeks with the rest of my acne that decides to pop up and say an unwanted hi.

I'm back to looking on the Internet for a new product to 'cure' me because all these pills i'm taking and I woke up with the most horrible itching spot under my skin that even hurts when I think about it. I'm being so good so as not to touch it or pick at it but I keep thinking this is just my luck.

I woke up wanting to scratch my whole face off...which is unusual btw because I've never experienced that before - am i allergic to something? i have no clue.

I just started week 6 of Dianette eusa_pray.gif and I'm impatiently waiting for improvements...what is supposed to happen, anyway? I looked at loads of people's reviews but all I seem to read is a sudden 'miracle' turn around at month 4 or some as early as 3 (which I would love btw) but I'm getting bored of waiting. I've never been good with waiting. I think I'm just ranting. I literally need to get it out of my system because I pass a mirror and think how beastly I look. Damn, Time is a fickle thing.

so yeah, that's my rant for the day...eusa_wall.gif


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Just give the dianette a little more time. I used to take it for severe acne, and personally it did nothing for me so I was put on accutane for 5 months --my skin was amazing afterwards and no scars.

However I have some friends who took dianette and it did wonders for their skin, it all depends on the person and your genetic makeup - my acne was very stubborn but I kicked it in the butt eventually.

Don't lose hope, there are alternatives if the dianette doesn't work for you.

Acne is treatable. There are plenty of diseases that cannot be dealt with, just think positively. You'll be smiling soon.

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thank you - every so often i let myself fall into an abyss of depression and it takes a while to get out of it! i mean i know i haven't got severe acne it got worse overnight and then kept spreading over my chin and then my cheeks and some on my forehead. it's the scarring that gets me and the inflammation. on my cheeks. it's not cool. i will try to be patient and keep going with the dianette!!

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