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Week 18? I Think



Well as of right now my skin is getting there im hoping by summer i'm crystal clear haha no pun intended that would make me happy honestly i feel like this stuff is working just going VERY freekin slow i think all those people that said it worked super fast were either lying OR as soon as they got a little clear they wrote a review lol some of the scars and red marks are fading to also slowly but what can ya do? i'm just hoping by summer time everything is good that would make mee soo happy DRINK lots of water!!!! thats my one thing i recommend cause it really does work also slowly omg and if you can stay away from alc cause when ever i drink alcohol i break out but that might just be me i donno which sucks cause i enjoy drinking a brew or 7 lol well dont cut it out just drink occasionally lol im writing this on my bfs computer once mines up and running again ill post the pics i got it working for a little while and i saw the pics of how my skin looked before and it made me wanna cry that gigantic pimple thing on my cheek was soo ugly and huge and red... you will see once the pics are posted... honestly i thank god so much for my boyfriend lol i must have a really shining personality or something because even when i had that thing on my face plus others he still treated my with all the love he gives me even when my skin is clear.... us people with acne think WAAAAY to much about our face and see ourselves so much worse then other people see us. its really hard to not constantly worry about how you look and think everyone is staring at you like your a monster but most people probably dont even notice as much as we think they do and if they do notice they most likely dont care of course there are a few assholes that will have the nerve to say something stupid or rude but fuck those guys! anyways i'm done clear skin or not this summer im putting myself out there my motto is fuck it... meaning FUCK IT if i wanna do something im damn well gonna do it and not give a crap if anyone is looking as my skin cause if they are they can kiss my shiny metal ass!


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hey crystal i'm not sure what products your using but i started trying the Regime, i got lots of stuff including the thing that helps you reach your back. there nice products better then proactive at least. nothing works in ten days including relationships. the goood thing about acne is it showed me how to take care of my skin lol and i have a better understanding of my self well ttyl.

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