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Tentatively Joining The World Again



So as I am on holidays I have refrained from going out anywhere ! I put off meeting many of my friends cancelled any thing that I wanted to do and I have focused on trying to work on my skin and hiding in the meanwhile ...

Today however I am forcing myself to leave the house ! I am going out to eat with friends and the main thing I know why I am going is because they have seen me with my newly procured acne. Im not sure why that helps but it does! Anyway ! I dressed up a bit and then came face time ! I applied My la roche posay creme - which btw is supposed to be an amazing base and it is ! I then put on a bit of moisturiser mixed with a dab of foundation - not a lot just a hint ! Now this isn't going to hide my marks much - I know that but it does help make them look less obvious !

Since I been on packet 2 of the pill I have found that I am not getting any major big spots but the ones that were threatening to become disastrously huge have begun to slowly calm down and turn into small pimples - that has taken about a couple of weeks to do so . Its also day 2 of cutting back on all the lotions and potions I was putting on my face ! I feel like its a bit less red ! And I keep telling myself that sometimes its better to just let my skin breathe !

I am highly recommending the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo creme - it's the best impulse buy I have made and it helps reduce redness - making skin feel smoother !

Anyway I am venturing out into the world again and I'm going to do it with my head held high - I have acne deal with it ! I hope you all have a good day too x


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