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Day #12



During the past few days a few other side effects kicked in. Bone pain. Its almost like growing pains you get in you're bone but a little different feeling.. pretty much sucks. One other wierd kind of pain i got was a sharp pain in my rib area first, then while i was helping my dad on the car and i was leaning down into the trunk and i got up, and all of the sudden got a sharp pain in my back ribs, it took about 30 secs to go away but it wasnt a nice feeling.

Now. One of the nastiest side effects. Bloody boogers. ew. i know... I get to see them every time i blow my nose, i havent had any bloody nose though, and I'm glad of that(:

The next side effect could be accutane or it could just be because I'm on spring break and my sleeping patterns have changed, but what I've been noticing is that instead of it usally taking me 5 mins to fall asleep, now it take me about 20 mins. and I will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, and i usually sleep through the whole night no problem.

Other than those pestering side effects my acne has kinda stayed the same, (i have had a few breakouts, i can live with that) but then again i don't expect to see results for 1-2 months

Day #12


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Just hold on for 2-3 months before you see the effects. In 5 months time you'll never remember having acne. Trust me, its a slow process, but accutane works. Best thing to do, and I know it's hard, but focus your thoughts on other things while you are on accutane, dont even look at your skin much and it will slowly go away. My face urrupted for the first 2 months....acne worse than I ever had before. But it cured it....

You are on the best treatment available for acne,

Rome wasn't built in a day.....but hey, it did get built!!!!!


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