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The Easter Bunny Didnt Visit Me...



And he hasnt since i was like 12, unless you count the odd bag of easter eggs which can be randomly found in the pantry. Santa doesnt visit me anymore either, maybe its cause i curse so much...

So its the easter weekend and along with that the easter/mid semester break from uni. Everytime this break comes around i find myself playing catchup on uni work. Each semester i tell myself this semester will be different, I'll go to all my lectures, i wont miss any tutes, i'll do my readings on time and be up to date, yet here i am, once again under a pile of work i need to do before i go back.

My procrastiniating isnt helping either, I worked out i'd need to average about 5 hours of work a day over the space of about 10 days to do everything i wanted to get done but i did about 1 yesterday after being tired from work(yes excuses) and i spent two hours today cleaning my room, my desk is alot cleaner and better for me to study on so maybe i can count some of that time... In case you were wondering yes i am procrastinating now, but im alos watching tv and finding an e-reading i have to do so atleast im multi tasking. I also realise whilst doing one of my reading that i'd already read this and skimmed ahead and realised i'd read that aswell, should take some things off my to do list, score.

On my acne, one of the under the skin ones on my temple has become full blown, should develop a head with the next couple of days, but its where others have popped up before and i think it'll add to the scarring already there... The pimples on my jaw rarely come to a head, they appear, 'lump up', flatten, then they go away and leave an annoying mark, looking at some its hard to identify the 'live' ones to the marks. I've also been back on AHA for a couple of days now and im wondering if there will be another initial breakout, i used it for 2 months prior, to a roughly 3 week break, and broke out initially for the first 2 weeks the first time, i hope it doesnt happen again but i kind of feel like my temple pimple could be part of an initial breakout. Not doing much this week so hopefully if there is one its over before next.

Not sure if i'll be able to keep up my one a day post tomorrow cause i doubt much will happen with my face so soon but i do get the random thought so who knows


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