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Claravis; Day - Idk!



I'm just going to say this, I'm done counting days. I think that counting days will end up messing with your mind. I will tell you this though, I did 24 pills of 20mg and 20 pills of 40mg. And no, not 48 days. I and starting to notice the beinging of the first break outs., and my skin is yet to be dry. I have had a few headaches, like 2 since I started 40mg. I got to say I hate the mirrior. In my mind, its and instant downer. OH and digital pictures... I hate camaras. This isnt new, but i have noticed, that im forming a resentments towords the people with clear skin. What makes them have clear skin and not I. Im not talking about phyiscally. I'm talking about what makes them the lucky one. Like I see A**hole punks that get in trouble everyday having clear skin. Drugy stoners, law breakers, Woman beaters, and kids that are all around messed up, have clear skin. Its not fair, nor is life I guess. So whatever. I see it as a challenge only the strong ones can concur. With that said I have noticed a differance, but im starting to break out.

No picture this time, because I'm likely going to throw my camara at a wall. haha shifty.gif

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