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Liam Foster


My acne doesn't even seem like acne no more, but sort of red stains of my face what wont budge. The lines on my forehead look as though they have been filled in with red paint. I don't even get whiteheads, just big red under the skin pimples which then form into these huge red marks. I look awful! :( Tired of this now.


Same man. I am getting so sick of this Sh!t. I've had perfect skin all my life and I am 19 almost 2o and my acne is freaking out. It's not even pimples just red blotches that look terrible from a short distance Mainly on my jaw line and forehead and nose. I am becoming so angry and depressed, i use to party and go out every weekend and lately my friends have been gettin pissed because i just sit at home. I don't want to go into public and im flat out getting sick of it...Ive tried damn near everyhting and my face has went from fine to terrible in a matter of months...I will say tho ive beeen researching a shit load lately tryhing to fix this and ive done something that has helped a lot. Not completely but enough to were im able to get out hte house a bit....I live in mIchigan where its really cold so i started to take only one shower a day or every two days...and i rinse my face with Cetaphil really gentle facial cleansers..and as soon as i get out I smother my face in Neutrogena oil free moisturizer. I have stuck to just this and you have to faithfully do it every day...nothin else...ALso i have read that the acne we have been experiencing is hormonal so i stopped drinkin milk and limited my dairy and i have been trying to eat healthier. I also carry a gallon of water with me everywhere and try to drink it to clear out my system..it helps with flushing your body of toxins. Then i also take these chewable vitamin C tablets (6 tablets at 3000 mg) which i read helps with toxins in your adrenal glands (that cause hormonal acne) and its made me feel healthier and they were only like 15 bucks at walmart...also sleep is by far the most important thing. If you dont get good sleep which i dont when i go out wtih friends it messes with your body and acne big time..So i try to sleep as much as possible. and try to sleep in a dark room because light can mess up the quality of ur sleep and also try and get ur 8hrs of sleep a night. I also purcahsed tons of vitamins to take a natural approach on my acne so i have been taking a, b complex, c, d with calcium, e and biotin and a lot of omega-3 fish oil which helps with controlling unhealthy fatty acids...anyway cut back the fast food and drink only water (lots, if possible a gallon a day) or green tea if you like that. Ive just pretty much read that all these harsh things like benzoyl peroxide sacylic acid and all these things we put on our skin to try and treat acne get absorbed in our body and can really make ur situatioon worse. so I am trying to take the most healthy and natural approach to this situation. anways im new to this site and im jus trying to help you out cus i know it sucks. Good luck and the one last thing is to try and no matter what be happy, depression and long time stress can make acne sooooo much worse. There is a lot more i could say but try to go out, especially in nature and do these things with excercise if you can. and it will improve....

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Spot on mate, thankyou. Your regime is exactly the same as mine! I drink heaps of water, beginning a new facewash regime very soon and gonna buy supplements such as B5, omega fish oil and zinc. I do get 8 hours however I dont go to bed till like 4am every night so i think that may be a factor but i just hate my face man, its awful! Your exactly the same as me, i did loads of research and its what we put inside that counts. I cut out all dairy ages ago, its hard but ill adapt, and also going to try and cut back on gluten foods. I have never used BP before thats why im going to try a gel to try and calm my acne, then a gentle facewash and moisturiser. But yeah mate, i used to be so outgoing, always partying like you, but acne just brings you down to your knees, its so depressing. They seriously needs to be more help around for it, it gets so bad some days that i just wanna give up. My friends dont understand, nobody with clear skin understands!

Anyways keep in touch pal


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