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Day 1.



Hey everyone, i've been fighting quite moderate acne for a good 6 years now and one of the latest creams i've been prescribed is acnecide gel 5%. I'm starting it today, it has to be used twice a day, morning and night and it's a BP product which I haven't really had much luck with before BUT we'll see how it goes.

Does anyone have any experiences with it? Good or bad? I'm a drama student and so perfect skin has been my aim for so long, I'm trying to get something working by June before my end of year performances.

I shall be logging my process with photos and blogs for anyone considering using it themselves. I'm praying it will work, nothing else has yet apart from Zineryt topical solution. Worked wonders but unfortunately I became immune to it :/

I don't wear foundation unless i'm performing or going on a night out. I daren't even talk to guys because of what they'll think when they see my skin. Not like that's important anyway, just means I can make the most of my time with friends and my uni work. I use simple moisturiser but it stings when I apply it after I'd used a bp product. Other than that I don't use a cleanser and just use water because that really is the bes thing when using a bp product. If i'm wrong about this, please, please let me know. I'm nearly giving up, it's taking over my life which is ridiculous, I'm just fed up of telling myself I look hideous.

Fingers crossed for acnecide. Let's begin yet another new journey!


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Here's hoping that it gives you the results you're looking for.

Have you ever taken antibiotics to help improve things? I found that taking antibiotics as well as treating things topically at the same time gave good results. Certainly helped stop the cycle of persistently regular breakouts I had for many years.

As far as guys are concerned, there are plenty of us out there who wouldn't care. In the grand scheme of things, acne is just a temporary issue. What really matters is personality and at least a little confidence. That's what we notice most and it cancels the other stuff out. Well, I think so anyway. Perhaps it's hypocritical of me to say that, given that I've never had the nerve to put myself out there and I've never been in a relationship or anything, but still, I'd maintain that the good guys would see straight beyond acne.


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Hey Paul, I was put on antibiotics about 3 years ago and it didn't do anything, I don't think they were any worse though, bit far back to remember. But I was only ever on them once, the rest has been different pills and different creams but if I have no luck with the acnecide then I might go back to my nurse and ask her opinion on going on them again.

Haha, I know, my friends always tell me that if people can't look past spots then they aren't worth it anyway. It's just the first thing I always look at in the mirror so i'm convinced it's the first things everyone else does as well. I'm only 18, i'll hopefully grow out of them by my 20's, fingers crossed anyway. I'd love to have clear skin for my graduation photo :)

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