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The Regimen

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4 Weeks Into The Regimen



I have been on the regimen for exactly four weeks. Thus far, it has been quite a struggle.

First few days: No pain. Quick healing of pimples I popped. Pimples scarring much faster. daily break outs like normal (I was wearing makeup, touching my face a lot).

Next two weeks: Extremely dry skin. Extremely peely skin. Extremely irritated skin. My skin would either be very itchy or feel like it had a close to intense sunburn. I am not going to lie, I was very uncomfortable all the time. The jojoba oil did nothing for my flakiness during these two weeks. Daily breakouts like normal (When I say daily breakouts, I mean between 3 and 10 new pimples a day). One day my face would like like it was improving, then the next day my face would look terrible ( I was wearing makeup, touching my face a lot, picking at my face a lot).

Week three: Skin starting to calm down. Still peely, not not as much. Still slightly irritated. Massive breakouts in certain areas. One area on my left cheek would not stop sprouting new zits daily, all in a clump. Acne still very active in all areas on my face (where I get acne). Good days and bad days. One day my face would get twelve new zits, then the next day 70% of them were healed and scarring. My right cheek was almost completely clear of larger zits during the third week, but this only lasted a few savory days ( I was still wearing makup, I was still picking and popping).

Week four: Skin calmed down even more during the first part of the week. Peeliness was still evident, but so small in comparison to what it was like during the first few weeks. I was still breaking out really bad on my left cheek, the same area as in the third week, until yesterday. It is still sprouting new pimples, but not five a day like it was. My right cheek also broke out toward the end of the week. The good news is that I am going to start my monthly cycle any day now, which means that my acne has been most active the past week and half than it is any other time in the month. In comparison to last month, my acne has subsided about 50%. Before I started the regimen, right before I started my monthy cycle, I was waking up to about twenty new pimples in the morning. This is not an exaggeration, believe me I counted. This time, I have woken up to no more than ten new pimples in the morning. This is certainly not where I want my acne to be, but it is a HUGE step up from last month. Through the fourth week I was still wearing makeup and will not stop until my scarring is under control (it is not even close to being under control right now). I was also picking at my skin much less. Also, I started using the AHA lotion. So far, I have only used it once. It made my face a it tighter and more peely the day after, but I wont let this be a deterrent. I am gonig to use it every other night for the next few weeks and see what happens.

I can't not pop my pimples. I can feel them forming throughout the day, which causes itchiness and irritation. I also don't like the idea of walking around with a big white bump on my face that looks like it is begging for a squeeze. My problem is that I use an extractor to pop my pimples, rather than the way acne.org suggests. No matter what way I do it, popping or not popping, popping with an extractor or my fingers, it scars. This is something I may need to work on.

I am not happy with my face. I see there have been results, but not enough to feel elated. I read success stories on acne.org with people claiming that their acne cleared in a month. Well, that is certainly not me. I think I have a tougher case, which means it might take longer. I am hoping that by the end of month two I am seeing more improvement than I did the first month. If not, I will still stick with it because some people have claimed that it took them months to see their skin finally clear.


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