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Delayed Update :)



My skin is currently clear :) and has been for the last six months :) Hopefully it stays this way.......

Current Skincare Routine for my acne and redness


cleanser (dosn't really matter what kind..i used clean and clear foaming cleanser for awhile but recently switched to biore combination skin cleanser because clean and clear was starting to sting my face)

acne.org BP

Eucerin Redness Relief Perfecting Lotion



Epiduo (has made a world of difference!)

Mario Badescu Control Cream on the red areas of my cheek (awesome for redness! swear by it!)

Olay Moisturizer

Like I said this has been working really well for me so far! the acne.org regimen reduced my acne but did not completely clear me. Once I started using the epiduo I was consistently clear within a month or two. Would highly suggest this regimen if you have responded well to BP or differin since epiduo is a combination of the two. Hopefully the results last longer than a year since most of my acne solutions have usually only lasted me 6mo to a year :(

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Glad to hear your acne has cleared up! With Epiduo, did you suffer from burning skin, redness, irritation etc? I got put on it but bailed after 2 weeks because I couldn't cope with the 24/7 stinging. I couldn't even touch my face so I cried even more which made the stinging even worse! I hear it's had really good results though so I don't really know what to do :/

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