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Claravis - (Isotretenoin) Day 23 - 80Mg



Here I am at the start of my 4th week. Yipee... Oh... I mean YIPEE!! I'm glad to almost have 1 month over with but honestly dreading the next 4 months after this one! My dryness is out of control around my nose, at the creases of my mouth and on my chin. I pretty much bathed in moisturizer before applying a little makeup for my dr. apt yesterday but after around 4 hours.. it looked a mess... I will probably look in to investing in a different moisturizer this week. I love the Burts Bees product i'm using but I dont think it's going to be 'enough' for the rest of my Accutane Journey.

My lips... they are wanting to crack... I keep as much chapstick on them as possible but lets face it.. I cant take a bite of my food.... lather on chapstick... take a bite of my food... later on chapstick... so they get gross in a hurry. They aren't painful... but they FEEL disgusting. I'm still using my Burts Bees chapstick and I like it because it doesn't seem to clump up or feel chunky on my crusty lips LOL. I've read about people using both Aquafor and Bag Balm so I'm going to do a little googling today to see about purchasing one of those products since i'm sure the lips are only going to get worse.

My skin: No breakouts so I think its safe to say nothing horrendous is going to occur with an initial purge. I can tell a small amount of bumps have been pushed out but they kinda flaked up and just went away. That only occurred a little on my forhead and in the crease of my chin. Aside from the knots under my skin there really wasn't any 'acne' to shove out tho. I finally feel like my staph infection is 'gone.' I realize you never really get rid of it but my bumps aren't painful or inflamed like they get when they are flared up wth staph. So a serious YAY to that. The small knot on my lower left cheek that was already in the heeling process when I started is gone. Cant feel it at all. YESSS... the eraser sized HOLE (thanks to staph) on my left cheekbone area is shrinking daily and is really only noticeable in direct sunlight and let's get real... I have basically taken up vampire status when it comes to direct sunlight LOL. Cyclopse like forhead bump also continues to shrink daily and I continue to cover it with my bangs. It's smaller than a chick pea now. The weird mushy quarter size LUMP next to my right eye (???) is also smaller... and also can be covered by bangs if I style my hair JUST right... I asked the derm yesterday WTH it was because it literally feels like a bag of water? (can you say disgusting) and she said it should fade as well. Curse this 'waiting' crap to h***. Man I need some more patience! And lastly... the unsightly knot (that was once two knots) near my mouth on the right side is still getting smaller by the day... SLOOOWLY I might add. I still cover this one spot with a beautiful round bandaid when in public because even tho it never came to a head.. it will sporadically 'leak' at the most inopportune times so better safe than sorry. PLUS... there is no covering it.. even tho it's smaller... it is large so... bandaid it is.

I dont feel sunburned anymore and my skin isn't flushed or red. In fact.. I am ghostly pale thanks to this 'no sunglight' crap. My gums also stoppped bleeding and for the last few days I haven't felt as sore and achy as I did??? so who knows. I stopped washing my hair so much which means less blow drying and heat straightening so it also seems to be less dry.... As bad as I hate to, since my hair is almost to my waist.. I think i'm going to cut a few inches off next week at my apt... just to keep it as healthy as I can.

I will keep you all posted as things progress.. Dr apt yesterday (weird that we did it at 3 weeks but whatever) went fine... all is good and I will be re-filling my Rx this week.


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