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Day 23, 20Mg.



i still can't believe all these BLACKHEADS, beware the army is coming through. i mean it's definitely a good thing but right now every pore is filled w/ a blackhead so it looks kinda gross. i hope they come out over the next week or two, i mean sooner would be greatly appreciated but i know blackheads are extremely stubborn. but hopefully my pores will shrink down once these blackheads are out and can't hold them open anymore.

the one major thing is am SUPER excited about is the decrease in oil over this last few days. it is AMAZING to not have to blot 2-3x/day. i am so grateful and hope it lasts after tane- it's just soooooo great. because that is really what makes me skin look worse and makes my face feel sooo gross by hour 3-4 after washing and also makes me not think about my face as much. BONUS. also face feels super smoooooooooooth even though its dry after washing, it's nice.

new spots are popping up on the cheeks daily, some are whatever others are annoyingly red and then turn into a whiteheads which i try not to but usually fail. chin was clear but i'm feeling and seeing a pinkish large mountain ready to bloom at the moment. it's like when youre finally clear in one spot the acne gods are like hmmm this looks like a great place to settle in, uurrgh.

side effects- lips a little dry. nose creases and inside nostrils are dry and flaky. as mentioned above wayyyy less OIL-THANK YOU THANK YOU. i felt a little dizzy yesterday when standing and moving around at the end of the day- don't think i drank enough water bc today is totally fine. nothing else really

appointment is next week-wed so we'll see how the blood work is. really really really hoping its ok because i'll be so upset. prob won't be posting until after that


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