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Day 12 Of Regimen



I've lost my compact mirror ! I guess it's a good thing so I don't obsess over my skin every second of every day but now I'm obsessing over where I've put that darn mirror. But anyways skin update for today:

I have to say my left side is looking remarkably better! Much less redness, and the discoloration that seemed so dark is turning bright pinkish red. The dry "scales" that had formed on my face have more or less disappeared now but my face is still excruciatingly dry. Makeup still looks horrible and I wear less and less every day because it seems to look even worse when I put more on. Eyeliner runs horribly by the end of the day due to the moisturizer... I've started adding 5-8 drops of jojoba oil into the moisturizer and it definitely helps the moisturizer absorb more quickly but doesn't seem to do much else. My right side continues with no progress.... After every whitehead disappears it seems two more appear I don't know why. Is this the purging that I've seen so many mention? My forehead is also extremely dry and a new whitehead appears every other day...but disappears in another day. My nose is looking pretty amazing though, really smooth and pore-less! I'm trying to think of a way to skip the regimen in the morning but I don't think it would be a good idea... I also think my face is extra dry because it's been so damn hot lately ! It was 91 degrees out today. I popped a few zits on my right side again today... I have a major issue with popping zits. However I popped this one zit that has been torturing me for 2 weeks now !!! I have to say I was pretty satisfied, then regretful, then satisfied again. Such an emotional roller coaster. Anyways here's some pictures.

blogentry-173652-0-33377400-1333614122_t left side

blogentry-173652-0-24918000-1333614145_t right side


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