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The Countdown Begins



I am 31 years old...why am I still struggling with acne? It is a constant battle...one filled with frustration, sadness, embarressment and anger. I have PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and my doctors all believe that is the root of my ongoing acne issue. Proactiv, Antibiotics...nothing has helped to clear up my face, so my dermatologist believes it is time for Accutane. I've always been curious about trying it...but have been afraid (who wouldn't be) given the scary side effects and law suits and such...but I am optomistic and looking forward to putting a cap on this stage of my life and feeling GOOD every day!!!

I begin treatment May 14th. I am excited to blog about my journey...the side effects and the progress...with the hopes that someone else out there who is also going through the same thing will be able to relate smile.png


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Hi Wildberry. I am also 31 and just finished a round of Accutane a few months ago and am SO glad I went on it! I also had cystic acne and know how it is to deal with it at this age...not fun!! If you need any advice or support, feel free to send me a message. My skin has been totally clear for a while and it is such an amazing feeling to not have acne dictate your life! Good luck!

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Hey Wildberry,

I know exactly what the constant battle is like. Like you I have tried everything and finally thought it was time for accutane. I am 25 and have had acne since I was 11.

I am on day 10 of 20mg now (going up to 30mg in the 2nd month) and really excited about how my skin is going to look in a couple of months.

Would love to hear about how you are going over the next few months whistling.gif)

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