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End Of First Week On Accutane



Hey guys,

So today I had my 8th accutane pill. I am also taking antibiotics morning and night to try and stop some of the breakout that is bound to happen. I am taking a low dosage of 20mg in the first month (I weigh 50kg) and am going up to 30mg after that, or maybe 40 depending on how I am going. So with that I'll be on tane for around 8 months in total.

Background - I am now 25 and have had acne since I was around 11. I have had periods where I had better skin, only 1 or 2 active pimples but never clear and mostly bad. I have tried all types of topical treatments, antibiotics and birth control. My doctor finally convinced me to go on accutane.

My skin is a major thing for me and it really upsets me and gets me down. Some days its a mission to even leave the house because I feel so disgusting and ugly. I'm not a terribly attractive girl anyways (its ok I can admit it) but having bad skin basically ruins my self esteem.

So far my lips and skin are drying up (especially my lips), on day 4 and 5 I spoke up with lower back pain and was achy but that has gone. I have been feeling more tired than usual and a bit headachy and sick at times but I think the sickness may be to do with the antibiotics. Although today I felt pretty good! So far in regards to my skin I have started getting more active pimples.

I am really excited to see how my skin goes on accutane and I hope the time goes quickly. I would love to hear from people in the same place in their treatment or who have been through what I have (I'm sure there is a lot of you).




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Thanks for this post. I just started Accutane, Day 1, 30 mg today. I'm really anxious to find out how my body is going to respond to this medication and the transformation of my skin. I have been struggling with acne since 12 yrs old and now that I'm 22 I believe it's time for Accutane. Good luck with everything. :-)

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Hi Earriaga,

Don't be nervous! It's totally fine and dry lips and face are totally worth it to get clear. I know exactly how you feel about the struggling!

Good luck on your first day, keep in touch and let me know how you go :-) Good luck to you too :-)

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