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Week 20 On Tretinoin- Clearing Up, Scar Consult



My face has continued to clear up since that last bad breakout a couple of weeks ago. I have one new spot under my right temple, but it is not sore (my acne is usually tender and sore). Because it isn't sore, I think it will go away faster (fingers crossed). But other than that, and old marks from my last breakout that are still shrinking, my face is clear...EVEN MY JAWLINE!

Because of this week being such a good one, I tried to figure out if I've done anything differently. And I've been doing 2 things:

1) drinking lots of water (it's been hot out!)

2) taking probiotics (got one of those infections that females tend to get while on antibiotics...so been taking probiotics alternately to help with that)

Not sure if either of these have contributed to me having a good week, but I'm going to keep on with them and see!

Also had a consult for my scars. My derm does not offer many scar treatments. Fraxel re:store, CO2 laser, and VI peels were the only things discussed. I was impressed that they were VERY upfront about all the risks of Fraxel and that the results are very "iffy." They made the VI peels sound promising (not as a 100% scar treatment, but for some mild improvement)...but I know in reality that peels don't really do much for scars. As for CO2, my derm's office does NOT offer CO2, but it was mentioned briefly and said if I wanted to be rid of scars completely I'd have to find someone to perform CO2 laser. No other treatments were mentioned. I have a consult at another office next week. I'm pretty much going anywhere that offers free consults because I'm interested to hear what the different offices recommend... there is one scar treatment that the other office offers that I am VERY interested in, but I am not yet going to mention it in fear that if I do, people will tell me NOT to do it, that I should do a different type of treatment, etc. I have done lots of research on it and I'm highly interested, but will wait and see if the other office thinks it would be most beneficial for me.

****PS- This is the day after and I just took and uploaded progress pics. I hope I don't jinx anything, but I am so happy at what I'm seeing! Clearest I've been in YEARS!!! Really hoping I can keep this going...


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