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Day 9, Dkr



LA di dah, new little under the skin thing on my chin - def a hormonal bugger.

Been eating this cake I made, leftovers of it, quite a bit as it's the only thing that makes me feel a bit better. Well, SUSHI lunch also made me feel really good today. I could feel the omega-3s seeping in.

Lathering on very generous amounts of BP over only active chin area, even layering 1 or 2 extra layers on throughout the night seems to be helping shrink what I have.

The pimples that appear, disappear VERY quickly now, but red marks seem to linger longer.

Normally I'd be having worse breakouts right now so I think the regimen is starting to work it's magic.

I exfoliated with my hands the other day in the shower. I know Dan says NO rubbing but I had a layer of skin built up so I felt I had to, and it was where I don't have acne anyways - so it is fine so far.

I'm generally really quite sick from discontinuing this antidepressant. I know this isn't the forum to talk about it, so I'll keep it brief, but it is seriously causing me a lot of challenging symptoms so while my acne is clearing a little bit it seems, my main priority is fighting through these withdrawals... hoping to feel less nauseas / dizzy / hopeless about depression very very soon you guys! Doing running and going to start juicing lots of greens tomorrow in order to really double down on the nutrition.

So, today I ate -

quinoa/rice/kale with hummus and amino acids (again)

popcorn I popped w/ olive oil and salt

salmon sashimi, salmon avocado roll, yellow tuna roll (really felt great during/after this meal - raw fish is sooo good for mood)

lots of leftover cake which I made for grandma (cocoa based and 2/3 gluten free, made with olive oil mostly - lots of sugar but oh well, I'm going through a lot and eating this makes me feel kinda nice - and it's not loaded with chemicals like a supermarket cake, so I'm ok with it though it's not ideal, obviously... I exercised today a little bit as well)

no alcohol, no illegal drugs (hey, I'm in recovery - almost 2 months - so - just trying to be thankful for another day doing it right)

anywayyyyyssss.... tiny chin pimple... other than that, the other two pimples are gone now, just have red marks... and that cyst I squeezed last night, is MERCIFULLY showing spontaneous healing despite my crazzzzy attacks...

so, yeah.

If MY acne is showing improvement - despite me eating tons of cake and picking at my skin, I think that's a decent testament to the regimen's efficacy so far...

here's some pix, one from last night I tried uploading but I don't think it worked, it's me eating cake after picking (sin of all sins!) and then two shots of me tonight and the pimples are all healing except for one little new one.

isn't that how it goes? they all heal and a new one emerges... wonderful comfort.gif

ps, makeup is like, impossible right now... my skin is SO dry - even tinted moisturizer and bb cream looks awful - so I'm basically going without it for awhile.


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