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I Need Help(Pics)



Im 18 now and im really tired of my skin problems. ive had acne since i was 16 and im about to be 19, i really dont know what to do ive tried lots or regimens and facewashs, retin a, diferrin, doxy, bactrim. I go to college and its so hard for me to go since i have acne and all the girls and guys have clear skin =(. I've met new friends and everything but its so hard for me to be social with people since im not confident i have low self esteem it really sucks. i choose to stay home and not go out on weekends or weekdays i dont feel comfortable around a lot of people i feel like they are starring at my skin but who knows. i don't even like talking to girls i feel ugly and i feel like im not good enough for there standards im also shy because of my acne. I just want all this to go away and maybe i can live my life.









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Has your dermatologist recemended accutane?

I just started on it about 5 days ago. Its really harsh stuff, but you take it for 5 months and WALA!! no more acne forever!! I also tried alot of that stuff too, the retin-a , monodox, and a whole bunch of other things..

ask youre derm about it(: because its for people who have really persistent acne.

and dont let your acne get you down, tons of people have it, and compared to alot of people yours isnt ieven bad. (:

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Hey there =)

And yes i have spoken to him about accutane, but he said no he doesn't prescribe that drug. Because all the lawsuits and it messes up your liver and brain damaged and what not but idk ive been seeing some accutane storys on youtube and the results are crazy good. My derm wants to keep me on antibiotics but wtheck there not even functioning. hes a dick... i think i might find a new dermatologist because i dont want to be kept on doxycycline and tazorac. But i heard there not giving no more accutane in california? idk i might be wrong..

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hi well you can always use Differin Creamit works great. I have used it. I order it with MEdicines Mexico!

Hey i actually used differin cream and it didn't work me sad to say. It made my skin so red and i couldn't even wash my face the next morning without it stinging.. it help prevent acne but it didn't help with the active ones. I dont have insurance either so differin was expensive and its sad because it didnt really work for me. But im glad it worked for you.

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