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Day 10 Of Regimen And Makeup



Went back to school today and WOW people were not kidding when they said makeup looks horrible when applying during the initial stages on the regimen. WOW. Really, wow is all I can say because I have never seen makeup look so horrible on my face. First of all, the moisturizer takes an extremely long time to absorb into my skin and just sits on top of my face like yellow goo. Good thing I'm asian and my skin is already yellow. I usually use liquid foundation and set it with Bare Minerals powder and blush, but I decided to nix the liquid so I don't suffocate my skin any longer. My Bare Minerals usually goes on super smooth and leaves my face looking at least somewhat normal, but WOW this morning was a train wreck! If you're one of those people who can go outside without makeup on, do so! (I am not one of those people.) Anyways, as soon as I put the makeup on it immediately clumped up and sat on my face like an awkward fat elephant in a room. I tried desperately to smooth it out but it was just not having it. So, I spent the whole day at school looking like an extremely dry clown. There's my makeup note.

Update on my skin... My face looks much less scaly now, and the dry flakes of skin are falling off. I'm not going to lie I have been sort of picking at the flakes gently until they peel off. Major mistake made today after I got home though! I washed my face (finally after 10 hours of being out with makeup on) and I just couldn't help myself. I popped about three whiteheads and a slightly bigger zit on my forehead. It was so satisfying, but it left me with a bitter sense of regret afterwards. MUST NOT POP! It's so hard though. Anyways, hopefully will continue to get better. Feeling pretty down about it now that I have to go back to school and work though...... I feel like every time a whitehead disappears another pops back up in its place. The under the surface zits that appeared also have not gone away....they're slightly less painful though I suppose. Will post pictures in another week or so.


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