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Major Depression And Anger

Liam Foster


So it is my grandmas birthday today and all my family have gone down to see her and are ringing me to come down and I just can't. It is so bad at the minute. I just do not understand how my skin works! My right cheek has been clear for like 2 months and now I am getting new hurtful big acne but I am eating so much healthier! I just don't fucking understand. Now both cheeks are getting bad and my forehead is also bad. I am that ashamed to go outside I actually cover up some of my spots with foundation. How demoralising, and even worse when people actually pick me up on it asking me if I am wearing it and my face looks bad etc. So depressed and angry at the minute. Going to book myself in at doctors tomorrow to ask for a strong BP gel. I have not even got money to buy a facewash or anything atm. I swear acne breaks you as a person. I just dont want to see anyone! I cannot even bear to look at my own mother. People telling me to hang in there it will get better, well i have been hearing that for 5 years now and still no luck. Why can't I just have clear skin like all my friends! I am beginning to think that diet isn't anything to do with it at all! I look at every single one of ym friends and family, they have clear skin! However they eat whatever they want. So out of say 50 family members, just me have got acne? I don't buy it, I have been drinking loads of water for like 5 months and that has seemed to do nothing.

So depressed man! I cannot go anywhere at all without putting on foundation! Honestly feel like I am at breaking point.


I can relate to how you feel Liam, acne sucks big time! Hope i don't sound patronising here but the book i was on about in my blog says that eating rubbish does not cause acne, that is a myth. We all produce sebum in our skin and some of us produce more than others which blocks pores and cause acne.

I incorporated the bp facewash into my regime last thursday and already my skin is clear, hope you also see fast results and feel happier within yourself,


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Thankyou Jenny. You see one of the main issues with me is that i have not had a facewash regime morning or night for like ever basically. I just dare not touch my face. I think with me putting on foundation to cover it up and not washing my face with a facewash, therefore not cleaning it and getting all the shit from my pores, this could be the problem. I am still going to eat healthy. I know that dairy has a massive effect on me, say if i had some cereal with milk on, the next day boom! about 2 new pimples merge. So horrible because dairy is


But I am defo gonna try your regime out and see if this works!


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