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Day 7 Dkr



[Regimen DAY 7]

Ok so I just wrote a post in the message board topic that I had started, and it wouldn't let me continue to update with pix so I've decided to port my progress over to this blog in order to keep a running photo diary... hoping that this turns out to be progress!

Cheated on my no wheat/no dairy - last night and today had two bowls of spaghetti with meat sauce.

3 new pimples around chin/jawline cropped up last night so I think it's probably hormones and not related to my diet diversion.

DKR is going well but it irritated my skin so much on Day 5 that I am moisturizing after washing now, and waiting awhile before SPOT treating big amounts of BP around my chin/jaw/cheeks ONLY.

So far my acne is a little bit worse, but the pimples that came up are minor and seem to be disappearing really fast. The closed comedones around my left temple are... well, it's hard to tell. They are still there but sometimes it seems like they are drying up and shrinking down. Time will tell.

You can see how irritated my neck got in the picture. Thats just from applying moisturizer after BP, which I believe just spread the BP around to parts I didn't need it, thus causing redness/dryness and ... wrinkles oh joy. In general I love the products Dan sent though, the moisturizer doesn't break me out and the cleanser is nice and simple and gentle. The BP hopefully will get me 100% clear....

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Wanted to make a note about wheat - last time I ate wheat was last sunday (had pastry, toast and a burrito) and was on a bus with the worst gas/stomach bloating and then later cried that day... well... as I mentioned above I ate spaghetti at 4am, slept till noon and then felt sick again today all day and thought another bowl of spaghetti would 'calm' my stomach. not sure why i'm continuing to make these little errors in thinking because sure enough, just an hour ago I cried again. Now, as a side note I do suffer from bipolar depression, but I have been working with that for awhile and don't think it's the cause of these particular little episdoses... no, they feel very much like reactions.

I'm not writing this blog to furnish any scientific evidence on the wheat/gluten topic since this site is rife with it (just check out Alternavista's fantastic sig, lots of good links) but I DO find my own experience here pretty clear - there very well could be, or likely is, a gluten thing related to my overall condition.

SO, while it may be difficult, I am going to make an effort now to be more careful with my diet... meaning, really trying to avoid these weekly 'cheats' because the only thing I'm cheating is my own happiness and comfort - and possibly even that PERFECTLY CLEAR skin I am after. It helps to get it out on here, and I hope that anyone who might be reading this (without falling asleep!) is hopefully getting something good out of it. I used to spend hours reading these boards, for years now, and took time off (when those clear skin spurts happened) but now I am back on here ready to just write out this experience to hopefully hone in a clear set of actions that I can relay to anyone else in similar situations - so, ladies, rockin that sexy hormonal stuff - I'm talkin' to you!

And, just because hormones are hormones...doesn't mean they aren't connected to or influenced by diet. Nothing operates in a vacuum. Doctors are trained to treat disease but less than 6% are trained in nutrition, which is why you'll never (or likely never) find a dermatologist who would even confirm the obvious findings, like that excess sugar = acne.

I think starting tomorrow I will also make note of what I've eaten that day, in order to chart progress and identify any trends, as well as hold myself accountable... Ok, deep breaths.

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