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Accutane Day Eight



I am getting used to myself without makeup. It isn't pretty, still distracting with all the spots, but it is better than wearing makeup that looks gross and flakes off my skin. I'm also a senior in college, so no one cares what I look like, and I don't have to pretend to look professional by covering up with makeup. I do feel like my skin looks better, even with no makeup and the current red beasts that have taken up residence on my face. I was in so much pain yesterday I spent a lot of time looking up ways to decrease the size of these monsters. I read two really interesting things: 1) hydrocortisone cream is supposed to get rid of/ help decrease size and redness of these huge cysts. This makes sense because they give you a shot of this at the dermatologist when you have cysts, or "acne surgery" as my derm likes to call it. I have applied it three times today (hahaha, I really want it to work...) and will probably do it again before bed. My boyfriend is coming tomorrow and I haven't seen him for an entire month! I am beyond excited, and will have these cysts taken care of by Friday or Saturday at the latest. I am hoping that this is like a miracle drug. I was reading stories that descirbed it that way, so I hope it works for me tooo! The other thing I read 2) was that eating a clove of garlic is supposed to really help improve skin. Where were all these tricks before I started Accutane? hahaha, I may have to try this one as well, because it is cheap and easy. Both of these tricks are very simple remedies, so I figure that I don't have much to lose so I should try them.

My skin is much drier and I need lotion at least once a day or my skin becomes very dull and flaky- all over. My lips are incredibly chapped all the time. I have to apply something about every hour, and if I dont, I SHOULD. I've still been drinking a lot of water. I mean, drinking water and going to the bathroom aren't really bad side effects...maybe that's why my skin has been clearing.. I am wondering what the effect of alcohol is with Accutane. That should be the next thing I research. I probably won't write for a few days since my boyfriend is gonna be here! Woot!


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